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Halloween Ends is the 3rd and Final film in the current reboot trilogy. It is the 12th film in the franchise, but this timeline only begins with the first film, Halloween (1978), but retconned the other movies that follow and start over again with Halloween (2018). Michael and Laurie killed each other for different timelines, and this is the finale of their showdown.Both of them also became playable characters at the horror multiplayer game Dead By Daylight. Michael is one of the most played killer characters in that game.
Halloween ends following the events of  Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills. Jamie Lee Curtis is not getting any younger, so this...

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Crossing my fingers that Laurie will Survivor in the end. I hated those retconned movies where she died. I main Laurie in Dead by Daylight so I want my girl to Survive.


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It's interesting to see this scene from H20's garbage disposal happen again. I hope this is a wonderful sign! Yes, I am really thrilled for Halloween this year. I believe that the rest of the saga usually leaves lingering questions and unresolved narrative lines, but this new trilogy will actually be able to wrap up the tale.
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When studios truly listen to the audience and fans, it feels so good. The previous trailers for 2018 and Kills all revealed far too much, but this one is just Ideal! Additionally, it appears like this film will combine the sheer brutality and wrath of Michael from Kills with a more character-focused movie like 2018, all in one spectacular climax, or at least a satisfying ending.


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This was actually a fairly great trailer that, without giving away too much, highlighted a lot of the devastation that is about to take place. Most trailers these days shows you the whole movie.
I just want to say this they turned young high schooler, babysitter Laurie Strode into the most badass female horror movie character and I like John Carpenter did it, ah man I can wait to see how it "ends" I really like how the creators of this franchise were like "To hell the curses and damsel in distress nonsense. Let's bring back Laurie and have her fight Michael instead of him just killing random teenagers." It is a war baby!


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Halloween Kills was silly enjoyable. It was awful. I was supporting Michael because the people are so illiterate. I felt remorse. But dang. I misplaced track of the kills. When Michael is not going after Laurie, I support him when it comes to killing people.


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I have a nagging feeling that Laurie will die in this movie to pass the torch to Allyson.