Half-Life 3 Wouldn’t Be The Final Chapter In The Series According To Previous Writer

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I was 7 years old when this game originally came out and it's still one of my favorites to this day. I remember seeing my dad play it, and later on playing it myself. Though I never played the 2nd one, I would love for this series to continue. Such a great story


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This is one of my favorite games. I loved the first one, so I downloaded the second one, but it won't run properly in my Windows 7 PC. I would love this franchise to continue if possible, since it has a good storyline.


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Considering the way they ran out of the story to extend. I don't expect much from Half Life 3 onwards. In fact I am skeptical about the Half life 3 too. I mean apart from the Multiplayer there isn't much to offer. As you can see it'd be fun to see the game back. But I don't have much of hopes from this franchise. They are going to have their set of limitations. I think they need to move on from this.