Guyver (2006)


Going back to rewatch this series soon, and was wondering if there has ever been any mention of them doing a sequel - I seem to remember some hints or implications surrounding the "Guyver Genesis Begins" note at the end... with the manga still going strong (?) and for many more volumes, I wouldn't be surprised if it did continue. Might even look forward to it. How would people feel about the Wang's doing another Guyver movie? I know there's been talk about that off and on for years, but nothing definitive by far... with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight it doesn't seem to be happening in the near future, but I always did have a little soft spot for that bio boosting dark hero... :anime:


The Guyver has always had these bizzare on-and-off periods. It's clearly a popular franchise with a better story than a lot of run-of-the-mill mangas-turned-anime that are popular right now, but it was never as big in Japan as it was everywhere else and that's largely what's killed it's potential even after twenty years. Even the recent anime didnt ignite any further momentum.

The Manga's still going strong? I thought it was cancelled years ago...

Midori Ken

The manga is being released at a snail's pace. A lot like Berserk, Claymore and Gantz because they now have a dedicated fanbase(aka cashcow).

Fortunately, it's still actively scanlated, and you can google search for the group doing it.

OmegaBlast Aptom is so awesome.


I was so happy to hear about the scanalations... problem is, I'd probably order the english translated ones from Singapore (if I still really read manga) before I'd read it off the screen...

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