Gungrave G.O.R.E brings the Gungrave franchise back from the dead. After two decades of waiting, the fans of the Ps2 classic get the 3rd installment of the series they deserve.
This third-person shooter features many over-the-top action and dazzling finishers. It will provide you with a bizarre experience that defies all reason. It is going to be available on the PS4 as well as the PS5. The word “gore” appears in the title for a reason: you won’t believe the amount of blood and guts you’ll get to view. Iggymob Co. Ltd., a game developer, based in South Korea, is responsible for developing this aesthetically pleasing game.
The player will play as Grave, and He is the mercenary who takes no mercy to the enemies he believes to be evil.
Gungrave G.O.R.E
The trailer provides context for the plot, including the identities of the bosses you will fight off after each arc. Fans of Games like God Hand, Devil May Cry...

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The Gungrave games have always been entertaining, and I can't wait until this one comes out! This was revealed on the day that I celebrated my birthday three years ago. Because of the delay, I completely forgot about it. Now that I have a date set in stone, I will unquestionably be purchasing this.
Up until I saw what it actually looks like, I was really looking forward to playing this game. It looks to have Game cube or PlayStation 2 graphics, which are just awful to look at. Games in 2022 must have graphics that looks like it came from 2022.

The Zyborg

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This game was just pre-ordered by me. I know the game will be good because it was created by a South Korean studio! It's going to be a lot of fun shooting bad guys while counting bullets! I like how people turn into mush if red.


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I don't care much about graphics, A fun game is a fun game regardless of the visuals. This looks fun.


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What the hell is that dreadful writing that has been appearing in so many trailers recently? It makes me want to never again play or hear about the game. It could harm the sales of the game. The game looks cool but they need to market better. The writing in this trailer may be the worst I've ever heard in a trailer. It's as if they took every horrible trailer, fed it to an AI, and then spat it out. Maybe AI is already displacing people from their jobs.