GundamInfo Youtube Channel


This might be a bit late, but for those of who enjoy Gundam, GundamInfo (the official Gundam portal site) 's got their own Youtube channel now.

Stuff inside:

- W (HK-KOR subs)
- Gunpla Builders Beginning G (Sub and Unsubbed)
- G Gundam (Now complete, they have HK subs, English subs, and the english dub)
- Gundam AGE (English sub, shown on sundays, same day as Japan I think.)
- Other stuff.

I don't know about the availability of the other stuff, but AGE, unfortunately, is limited to Oceania and Southeast Asia.

G is already finished, so I suspect they're going to put that down sometime later. Now's the chance if you want to see it.


The Great Me
I actually watch all episodes of Gundam AGE there. Why go for subs to a fan streaming website when I can go directly to the official YouTube for them?