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No a single sound could be heard as a figured seemingly glided through the floor of the darkened temple. He was dressed in modest, but nevertheless flawless black robes as he walked into the room that had once belonged to the protector of the Earth, the goddess Athena, but now yielded to his will, having lost all of its light and its warmth, thus becoming a fitting place for the Emperor of Darkness, Hades.

A figure kneeling at the end of the room visibly tensed up as the young, black haired man moved pass him to see at the throne placed just a short distance from the wall. "Speak..." The king of the underworld commanded in a low but menacing voice.

The feeble Skeleton shivered at his masters voice for a couple of seconds before he was able to recover his bearing. "The... The group sent to the Palaestra has returned, my lord." He announced, not daring to look up from the ground. "Thanks to my lord's Darkness Cosmo, the mission has been successful. Every Bronze Saints in the school has been terminated." He declared.

Hades remained quiet for a few moments. "Tell me Specter... Do you not believe me capable of sensing the Cosmo of mere Bronze Saints?" He asked with an unreadable expression. The Skeleton tensed even more, losing all ability to speak all he could do was shake his head no. "Then why would you say would be my reason for calling you here...? Should I not be able to tell by myself whether my command was carried out or not?" He questioned as his voice got lower and lower with every word.

The Skeleton was shaking uncontrollably by now. Slowly, with his body covered in cold sweat, he Specter glanced up at his master. His eyes widened at the massive cosmos that flared around the Lord of Darkness. He did not even had a chance to scream.


Rubble was the only word that could describe what was left of the once lustrous school of Saints, the Palaestra. Its marble walls and pillars left scattered throughout the floor as smoke continued to seep up from the ruins hours later. The eerie peace and silent that permeated the surroundings was a complete contrast to the chaos that had reigned the area just a hours earlier.

Suddenly, sparks started come out of a large pile of rubble. The electric charge continue to get stronger until suddenly a powerful, purple lightning bolt burst out from the stone and marble, revealing a blue haired young man standing there in the middle of all the dust panting and wearing wearing a tattered uniforms. Azure straightened himself up and glance around at his surroundings.

The attack had been sudden, before any of the students or the teachers could react, the sky had been covered by a terrifyingly powerful Darkness Cosmo, with such high concentration that hindered them burning their own Cosmo and prevented them from calling on their Cloths. With their power in a sever handicap, the Saints in the Paleastra were defenseless as the massive number of dark soldiers suddenly appear and start attacking. The scythe-wielding assailants were not after anyone specifically, they simply attacked anyone they could get their hands on be either teachers or students, Bronze Saints or mere trainees. They wanted to purge the Palaestra.

As he continued looking at what was left of his school, Azure's hand started to shake while his Cosmo flared, sending sparks all around him. Sure, the young man had neither true love nor loyalty for the Sanctuary as a whole, but for the last 13 years, the Palaestra had been the only home he had known after his village was destroy and his family taken during the war against Mars. Now, yet again, the young man was left with nothing. Sudden sounds, caught the blue haired teen's attention, making him look up at a small hill right on the edge of the school's ruins.

"Lord Hades was right, some brats did somehow managed to survive." One of the dozen Skeleton said as he looked down at the rubble and Azure.

"Yeah, but it's just a few Bronze Brats, we do knot need Lord Hades' Cosmo to take care of them." Another Specter said with glee as the group started to make its descend.

Azure's body was still shaking as he took a few steps forwards. His eyes glaring at the dark solders while his mind continued flashing memories of their previous attack from a few hour ago. "Orion Cloth...!" The young man roared before the Clothstone in his left glove started to emit sparks and blinding bolt of lighting strike down on his body.

Before the lead Skeleton could recover from the sudden flash of Thunder Cosmo, the Orion Bronze Saint's fist appeared just a few inches from his face and quickly closing in.

Ziginz Zegell

No Fear, No Pain.
On the outer rim of the Palaestra training grounds, a stone slab is slowly pushed aside and a young, red haired man emerges. The look that forms on his face is one of sorrow, but he manages to stay calm even the wake of loosing his home, and many of his friends. He has no time to be upset, there are still lives that need saving. Roland, the Lionet Bronze Saint had been assisting one of his many teachers in training a group of your recruits when the attack began. While the teacher in question prepared for battle, Roland rushed the new students into a stone isolation chamber used for meditation and cosmo training. Part of him wanted to fight, but he had to make a choice between doing battle, or protecting the untrained youths. Roland did not regret his decision, though he knew that now was his turn to fight. As the young saint watched a group of skeleton like soldiers patrolling the area while concealing himself behind some rubble, one of the young students snuck up to speak with him in a whisper. “The other four are pretty terrified, but they can run if they need too. What are we supposed to do now Roland? If the other saints couldn’t beat them then what chance do we have?” Roland looked down at the young boy; a thirteen year old named Keith, and managed to smile before ruffling the youth’s hair.

“Don’t worry about it little bro; I won’t let you or our other little sibs get hurt. Here’s what we are gonna do: I’m going to go down there and give those bastards something to think about. When I have their attention, I’m gonna need you to lead the others toward the canyon you came through on your way here. Don’t follow the stream though; they probably have the exit to the canyon guarded. Instead head the opposite way when you reach the first fork in the path and head down into the caverns. Follow the paths marked with red crystals and you’ll find away out beyond the valley. After that just keep heading south and you’ll eventually run into an old shack where a fisher named Matthew lives. Tell him I sent you and he will give you a ride up river to a small fishing community. The old folk there will take care of you five until we get this all sorted out. Oh…and if a guy named Sigurd is there, tell him what happened. We could use his help right now…”

The young man took a moment to memorize his senior’s instructions before slowly going back to his peers to share the information. While Keith did this, Roland took a deep breath and raised his right hand to his face. A prayer and a moment of focus followed along with the red stone within his ring glowing brightly. “Lionet Cloth.” These words caused the lion like armor to form around Roland as he jumped out into the open. He ran forward toward the nearest skeleton and struck the monster unaware with a flame enwrapped punch. When the soldier hit the ground, Roland let out a loud battle cry to draw as much attention to himself as possible. “For the love of God, I’m gonna beat the living crap out of every one of you bastards!!!” Roland usually wouldn’t do something so brazen, but in this instance he needed to come off as an enraged saint out for blood. He probably should have been just that, but he needed to stay cool for the time being. Once enough skeleton’s took notice, the bronze saint took out a few more skeletons before running away in the opposite direction from his wards. As he did, Keith began the retreat with his fellow students, staying low and unnoticed. Though to an onlooker, Roland might look like a coward who had bitten off more then he could chew, Keith and his fellows knew the truth. Appearances and reputation would always take second place for Roland if it meant saving lives.


Princess of Equesteria
The day started no differently than like it did the next for the soft green-hair young teen. After a nice long shower and breakfast Serenity set out to join her fellow Bronze Saints in-training that she had had befriended a day after her arrival. Like many Bronze Saints that lustrous school of Saints, the Palaestra Serenity took each lesson to heart and strengthen in what she lacked to properly serve Athena. All save for one regarding that female Saints were to wear a mask in front of their male counterparts. While few did not quite approve of this action Serenity founder she gained admirers of the two genders as well. When questioned why states her own feelings behind the matter does not condone or pressure other female Saints to do the same. Once the lesson for that period had had taken recess Serenity regrouped with her newly friends in the small garden for lunch.

A period where they simply could unwind from the day events often enough shared different stories Serenity found comforting to say at the least. At least that how a day would start no differently till Palaestra fell under siege. From underneath the rubble of debris that served the garden pavilion pillars gazed around ruined landscape in dismay. What or rather who could have done such a horrid thing was indeed one of the questions weighing upon the young Saint’s thoughts were more concerned about her friends as it happen too quickly for them to react. Hearing nothing more than deadly silence grew more concern when none of the others answered if they were okay. Adjusting the glasses on her face twisted her body to try pushing the marble support beam up with both hands to slip out from underneath. It was difficult to see how bad could feel a trickle of blood moving down past her ankle that she had been injured.

“Is everyone okay?!†Serenity cried out more loudly. Desperately wanting to cling onto the possibility that her friends were alive ignored the pain. Again met with no response save for the echoing sounds of war in the distance. When the pillar was elevated just high enough crawled out from underneath caught first sight of the actual damage. A haven once full of life and beauty now lay chastised drained of its former glory strewn in each direction far as could be seen. Staggering back onto her feet began searching amongst each pile of marble stone with mixed feeling crashing over like violent waves. Being cautious move slowly to anticipate what direction the debris takes not to cause the pile crushing whoever was underneath. A long process it had taken illuminated what she did not want to accept seeing the lifeless body of a dear friend.
Adjusting to Palaestra was not an easy task for Markus. Being tied down to one spot and not being able to roam about made him feel Closter phobic and uneasy. Although it was forbidden to leave the academy grounds, he snuck away earlier in hopes to merely sight see and enjoy some time to himself. Even if he was just walking through average woods, he found it peaceful.

Although it was great to smell the woodland scent, he knew he’d eventually get caught if he didn’t return soon. On his way back, while snacking on an apple, Markus got a terrible feeling. He was close to his new home, he knew that by some of the natural landmarks he had noticed before…..but the sky was much darker. He had never encountered dark cosmo, but just because he couldn’t identify the foreign cosmo—he knew it was powerful.

Trying to return at a quickened pace, Markus could see the rubble that used to be his school. In a shocked state, he was unsure what to do and who to go to. What had happened to his fellow students and teachers? While hoping to find a survivor of some sort, three skeletons surrounded the sandy haired youth aggressively. “Where’d you come from? No matter…..You look weak, no need to call in reinforcements, right guys? †One skeleton said to the others as they nodded in agreement with vicious looks on their faces.

Examining his opponents briefly, Markus remained relaxed and took a deep breathe. “Wolf Cloth.†He said at a quiet, yet hearable volume. The green clothstone lit up as a sandstorm surrounded the saint and a wolf howling could be heard from some sort of unknown entity. One of the skeletons went to attack the saint, but the earth created a large shield to protect Markus from the blow, causing the Skeletons attack to be fruitless.


Disappear into light!!
The sky was dark and red. There was fire, fire everywhere. Buildings crumbled and collapse, and distant figures slowly losing their forms. Their anguished screams and cries for help rung through the air. One by one, the cries quiet down. In time, stench of burning flesh and corpses started to permeate the air. An unholy scene of carnage.

All these deaths and destruction. He never remembered seeing them. But the scenes flashed in his mind, as clear as if he saw them yesterday.

"Hey! Hey!! Are you listening?!"

The scene before Julian changed. He looked around briefly in confusion, trying to regain his bearings. Presently the scene before him was just as ugly. It was Palaestra, his home, but everything is wrong. Everything was destroyed, decimated. Palaestra had become a mass of rubble as far as the eyes can see. Worst of all, he saw bodies; bodies in white uniform, some crushed under the rubble, and some were missing limbs and heads. He then remembered the raid a few hours ago, where he and his fellow students were powerless to defend themselves and were slaughtered.

As he stand amidst the rubble, something welled up inside him. Shock, sadness, rage. His feelings, which he normally suppress and kept hidden, dominated his entire being and he began to shake. He never thought he felt so strongly, and was so attached to the place.

"Are...are you all right?" a voice quaked behind him.

He stood frozen for a second before turning around to face the owner of the voice. Two students are sitting on the ground a few feet from him, their clothes in tatters, but looked otherwise unhurt. One of them is wearing a mask meant for female students. As Julian looked over the students, the masked one is visibly shaking and is sobbing uncontrollably.

"Thank goodness, you're alright" the masked student's companion, a tall male student, sighs in relief.

"But how were you two unhurt?" questions Julian bluntly. How did the two students survived, while everyone around them, even one of their attackers, were killed?

Both students are surprised at this sharp question, but after they briefly looked at each other quizzically, it was clear even they didn't know how they survived. "We...don't know," the masked student hesitantly answered in a feminine voice. "I...think, we saw a light..." she said before stopping. Her companion had clasped her hand tightly, and looked at her reassuringly. The female student then visibly relaxes. Are they a couple?, Julian thought to himself, and unconsciously tilted his head as he ponders something in his head.

"I think it was you" the male student spoke up and looked at him. "We were running away, trying to get out, but the building collapsed on us. You suddenly jumped on us, and then there this white light-"

"Yeah, I think I remember now" Julian interrupted him, having remembered what happened. He was fighting a Skeleton, when the building they were in started to collapse. As he turn to run, he saw two other students trying to escape as well. And he saw that they were about to get crushed by large pieces of the roof that were falling down. Before he knew it, his body moved by itself and he rushed over to them, wanting to save them. They were all about to be crushed, when he suddenly let a loud roar, and white light emanated from his body. It was only an instant, but that momentary explosion of Cosmo saved them from being squashed by the debris.

Julian turns away from the two, surprised and puzzled by his own reckless action. He was always a loner, and in turn, was isolated by his peers. He never knew the two students. Why, why would he risked his life to save them, strangers who he never cared for?

As he quietly wrestled with this question, his senses tells him they are not alone. He can faintly see a number of dark armored figures roaming the area, clearly looking for survivors to kill. The other two also saw the Skeletons, and began to panic. "Come on, we have to get out of here!!" the male student said urgently.

But Julian ignored him, and briefly asks "You two, have you two obtained a Cloth?" Again, the two students were taken aback by this abrupt question and the curt tone, and didn't immediately answer. "Are you two Saints?" Julian then repeated his question impatiently. After seeing both students shaking their heads, he said quietly "Go, then. Escape to the nearest settlement, and then get as far away from here as possible. I'm going to attract their attention and give you two a chance to slip through".

"But we can't just leave you-" the female student started to argue. "They're going to kill you" the male student injected. Julian then takes something out of his side pocket and held it out. It is a simple necklace, with a curiously glowing white jewel attached to it. "I am a Saint. I can hold them back and escape on my own" he tells them briefly. "Now go. Go!" The two students initially hesitated to leave him to face the Skeletons alone but eventually yielded.

As the couple quietly and stealthily retreated away, Julian again debated with himself. Why is he going this far to protect them? Why is he making himself a bait to give them a chance to save themselves? Why didn't he use them as bait to increase his own chance to survival? Why did he care for them at all?

He doesn't know the answers to the questions. All he know is that he can't bear to let anything happen to the two. He just can't. It's that simple. As he scoffs at himself for this absurd reasoning, he brings the jewel of the necklace, an object called a Clothstone, in front of his face. He quietly murmurs "Pegasus Cloth!". The Clothstone begins to shine brightly with white light and as Julian walked towards the nearest Skeleton, his armor, the Pegasus Cloth starts to materialize and attaches to him piece by piece, with the headgear attaching last.
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Princess of Equesteria
The search for any possible survivors had had ended with vain what the young Saint feared coming across the body of a Saint no older than herself. Accepting the horrid truth none had survived continue to remove the debris freeing their bodies from underneath. In silent prayer stand before the burial mounds having them a more appropriate place of rest could not fight back the tears. Though their time spent together was brief the threads of friendship made it feel more of a lifetime. These were words that were imparted by a very sister-like friend Bloom before starting her journey to become a Saint as well. It had not struck immediately at first hoped that the Silver Saint was nowhere at the time.

From the tears shed Serenity removed her glasses to clean them paused hearing sounds of feet approaching. With eyesight limited was unable to neither make out how many nor let alone belonged to the faculty as they appeared blurry at the moment. It was only sensible that they’d send out search parties to cover the whole area for any in need of aid or medical attention. An assumption proven falsely as one of the blurred figures destroyed one of the burial mounds laughed amusingly.

“Look what we’ve stumble across†The laughing Skeleton turned towards the young female Saint, “Here I’d imagine that we’d not get a chance to have a little fun ourselves.†Adjusting the eyeglass frame back onto her face the blurred figures took shape bore no resemblance of any Saint recognizable. Leaning forward the Skeleton reached into the turnover grave raising up the fallen Saint’s body by the root of their head disrespectfully turn the tears of sadness into rage. The mannerism which had been spoken revealed that more of these intruders lurked about played a role in the destruction of the Saint training ground.

“A female Saint,†Another Skeleton parted from the group seizing the young woman, “And one who does not wear a mask. Heh Heh…This should be quite the treat to see the terror upon that delicate face of yours.†Aware that they had caught the young female Saint’s attention smashed the lifeless body enticing a sickening bone crushing sound twisting her friend’s neck. The Skeleton’s action was met equally as the soldier met with several blades of wind beating down upon him.

“Unforgivable!†Serenity said sternly touching the pendant worn the choker around her neck, “The acts that you’ve committed this day cannot be forgiven and see that you will be held accountable for your cowardly ways. Aquila Cloth!†The pink gemstone adorning Serenity’s choker glowed softly expanding outwards stirring the fallen petal into uprising wind. In a burst dispelling the glowing energy stood garbed in the Aquila Bronze Cloth. Calling upon that of her Cosmo Serenity’s sight was sharp required not to wear the subscription eyeglasses.

“A Bronze Saint…hahah…Think that you can defeat us?†The leading Skeleton’s laughter sounded louder, “This will be a laugh. Soon you’ll wish to have created your own graveâ€

“It is not the matter of discussion if I can defeat you†Aquila Serenity replied, “It is the matter of importance hat you are defeated and pain caused put to rest.†Sprinting towards them with both arms spread out.


The steps of the Twelve Houses have never felt this cold. In fact the entire Sanctuary had seem to be permanently covered a by a warm and soothing aura that could ease any worry. But not any more. Now a dark cloud covered the entirety of the Sanctuary's skyline and the silence that surrounded it was not one of peace but one of fear.

Still, Capricorn Muramasa did not mind the change, because for the first time in so many years, the Sanctuary felt strong once again. Gone were the days were the Saints would lounged around without any worries, completely defenseless and open to attacks. No, that had changed the moment that Lord Hades descended onto the Sanctuary and sat on his new throne in the temple that used to belong to Athena at top of the Twelve Houses. Thus, the weakness that Muramasa had come to despise was completely purged.

As he continued making his way up the stairs, the Gold Saint passed by a group of Skeletons. "Look guys! A Saint!" One of them called out signaling at Muramasa. "With the Palaestra wiped out this guys are now an endangered species!" He said, earning a roar of laughter from the group.

"Yeah, I don't know why Lord Hades keeps this guys around." Another commented. "They are all pathetic! All it took was a couple of Skeleton and all those weakling Bronze Saints were slaughtered like..." He was unable to finish his sentence.

In an instant, Muramasa turned around and swung his extended arm sideways. Immediately, a streak of golden light flew across the air pass the offending Specter. The next second, the both the Skeleton's body and head were rolling down the the stair separately. "Just because I swore my allegiance to Lord Hades do not make the mistake, even for a second, that you can insult the Saints in from of me." Muramasa said in a calm, but extraordinarily menacing voice. Even without the Gold Cloth, the tall man was an imposing figure. "I will not hesitate to end your feeble existence." He added before continuing on his way, leaving the terrified group of Specters behind.


Azure still remember his time in the Palaestra. The murmur around the hall about him, the classmate's look of fear and disdain, and the teacher's look of disapproval and disappointment. True that, during this past 13 years, the young man had never felt welcome in the the school, but still, for all this time the Palaestra was the one place he had that he could return to. He walked through those halls everyday, he knew his classmates' name and they knew his, and the teacher were always there watching over them. But now, for the second time in his life, the Bronze Saint was left with nothing. Nothing except for the sound of the Skeleton's skull being crush by the force of his fist.

"What the hell?!" One of the Specters exclaimed as he swung his scythe at the Saint. The Lightning user effortlessly jumped into the air and landed safely away from danger.

Immediately, the group of dark soldiers lunged themselves at the young man. "Lightning Rebirth!" The Bronze Saint called out just before a powerful bolt of lightning fell on his body. The electricity run harmlessly through Azure's body, but savagely attacked the Specters around him. Reaching out as the lifeless body fell around him, the Orion Saint grabbed on to the only conscious by the neck. "Who are you and why did you attacked the school?" He demanded to know.

The beaten Skeleton look at his captor and smiled. "You can defeat as many of us as you want... But you are nothing against Lord Hades..." He struggled to see.

Azure's eyes widened. "What? Hades?!" He repeated in in bewilderment. "That can't be true... The Holy War could not have restarted! Athena hasn't even revealed herself!" The Bronze Saint pointed out.

A weak laughter escaped the Skeleton. "Hahah... You Saints are the only ones that are still playing by those old rules..." He said causing the grip on his neck to tighten. "I would expect that you are the last remaining Saint that is loyal to Athena... You lost this Holy War before it could even start..." If he had wanted to say anything else, he was unable to as the jewels in the Orion Cloth started to emit Lightning Cosmo that run up Azure's hand before he slammed the Specters head on the ground.

Breathing heavily, not because of exhaustion but out of rage, the young man took a few seconds to compose himself and straighten his body up. Tightening his fist, Azure was about to start making his way out of the rubble in the Sanctuary when he suddenly felt several Cosmo signatures from the remnants of the school, indicating that other students had survived the attack. It took the young man a couple of minutes of deliberation. "Damn it..." He muttered before turning around and dashing towards the closest Cosmo.

Ziginz Zegell

No Fear, No Pain.
Roland was smiling, though only out of habit. He had a good dozen or so skeletons on his tail and more and more joining the chase. He had sensed a few other cosmo users in the area that he was 99% certain were his fellow saints. He had a plan, but it was one that the others might not automatically go along with. “Hey guys, hope you don’t mind me making a few detours!” A scythe flew by his head, having been thrown by a frustrated skeleton. Roland dodged the attack, laughed, and shot off another insult. “Oh come on guys, my one eyed great grandmother could have hit me with that!” Soon more of the bladed weapons were being thrown at him, all of which he instinctively dodged. “Well at least they are disarmed now…so…everyone to your…Right!” Roland made a sharp turn, projecting fire cosmo from his hand to decrease the arc of his turn. While the skeletons tripped over themselves with a few jumping over their comrades, Roland spotted his first target up ahead.

Hey Markus!!!! Up High!!” Roland focused fire cosmo into his heels to increase his jump before running across a few skeleton’s heads, burning their faces in the process, and clearing Markus’ rock wall. Deliberately falling on the Wolf Saint, Roland rolled back to his feet and pulled Markus to his own. “Don’t ask questions and run you bastard!!!! RUN!” Roland faked a desperate tone and pulled Markus into a run as a number of Skeletons appeared from the other side of the rock wall in pursuit of them. “All part of the plan, I promise! Now we should be running into another Saint soon so just keep running, but not too fast since we don’t want those bastards to give up on chasing us!” The two were running away from the skeletons, but it seemed the red haired saint wasn’t interested in loosing them. Any questions Markus might have would have to wait as the two soon caught eye of another saint in their path fighting off her own group of foes.

“Hey it’s that cute girl who doesn’t wear a mask! Cute girl start running; I got a plan!” By now over three dozen skeletons were pursuing the duo and were far from pleased. Grabbing Serenity by the arm as they passed her, Roland hoped she would start running with the duo toward his next destination. “Alright now there are two more cosmo ahead! One is a light cosmo and the other a lightning cosmo! I’ve been beat up by both plenty of times to recognize exactly who they are! We should all end up at the testing arena and be able to finish off our friends back their in one big bash! Assuming Julian and Azure see us coming and figure out that I want them to blow up the arena ceiling after we are threw so that our pursuers get crushed by rubble and leave the other skeletons to think we were also crushed in the process! That shouldn’t be to hard to figure out right!? Well if it is then at least it will be five against…what is it now something like fifty?” It was an almost insane plan, but it would at least bring the five bronze saints together. That counted for something right?


Princess of Equesteria
Fueled by the memories shared with her fallen friends gave reason Serenity would not permit to fall at the hands of their murderers. In a heartbroken battle cry charged forward seeking out the one who appeared to be in the command of the unit. A task not expected to be easily done than imagined in ones thoughts avoiding and returning an attack in response. “Saucy ***** aren’t you†The Skeleton snarled into her ear gripping his arm more tightly around the Bronze Saint’s neck. “Maybe we should have a little fun before we kill you. Bet you’d love the feeling of a…..†The Skeleton’s words faltered as the Bronze Saint place the palm of her hand against his chest with an icy glare. A burst of pink light sent Serenity’s captor flying black pelted with blades of wind. This caused few of the Skeleton soldiers to growl or chuckle at the fallen soldier.

“Does anyone else care to try that again?!†Serenity shouted defensively not appreciated being handled in such a demeaning manner. Shifting into a defensive stance calling forth the power of her Cosmo paused feeling another Cosmo brushed against her. An approaching presence noted by the skeletons as well looking in the direction for which it approached. There was no mistake that the Cosmo surrounding whomever was that of a Saint Serenity did not pry her focus away to leave herself open for an attack if it belonged to that of another hostile foe. That was until a voice called out referring her to be cute and ordering to run. “What?! I will do….†Serenity could not finish that sentence at an arm wrapped around hers forcing to pull away from the fight. Much to the young Saint’s surprise and great relief that the cosmos felt brushing against hers belonged to two Saints. However, at the same time having no choice except to follow the request seeing that they had brought along more of the intruders onto their trail felt crossed being robbed at the same time.

“You may release my arm.†Serenity said with a heavy sigh, “I can run just perfectly on my own than being guided. From the look of it…there may be more of those things than just mere fifty of these intruders and yet….what you propose does not sound too daft.†If what she had had theorized to be true than maybe acting alone to defeat a common foe would be dangerous, "And....thanks"

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