Green M&M  debuts in 1995 as the first female mascot for the chocolate Candies. Her personality was a woman who is not ashamed of her sexuality.   In a way, she is a trailblazer because she is not pink with a bow.
If you think about it, All M&Ms are naked and they all wear white shoes. She got a recent redesign from a sex symbol to a more empowered female look. She wears Tennis shoes now with a pair of white tights.
This new M&M ad wanted a more inclusive campaign where everyone finds someone to relate with
There might also be more emphasis on cowardly Orange M&M because Mars thinks that the zoomers will find him the easiest to relate with.

Everyone seemed to keep their original personality except Green M&M because her sex appeal was toned down. Miss Brown Keep her high heels shoes as it is fitting for her Lady Boss personality. The new campaign got 2700 dislikes over 100 likes.  The...

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