GouGou Sentai Boukenger - Talk Up! [Fansub Spoilers!!!]


If that ever happens, I don't see Sakura getting rejected. Akashi will probably spout some like like "Love is a new adventure" or something like that.

Knowing him, he probably would really say something like that.


But isn't he a bit clueless when it comes to this thing? I mean, I don't mind seeing it happen but I doubt he'll just wake up one morning, see sakura and go "Damn, you're hot." In any case, Sakura's emotional outbursts where Akashi is involved often occur with him not being there so he he might not even know. But hey, here's keeping the fingers crossed.


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But wasn't that interview done during the beginning of the series production? Writers can make changes 40 more eps in :D???

Don't crush my dreams now! ;_;

I mean, I don't mind seeing it happen but I doubt he'll just wake up one morning, see sakura and go "Damn, you're hot."



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45 was pretty good. Enjoyed the fights and it was nice to see Zuban again.

46 was crap. Masumi and Yaiba battle was pretty good. I was hoping that Masumi to be killed by Yaiba. I never like Masumi at all. Anywho... so that's the end of Yaiba. Again, Ultimate Daibouken appeared. Yuck.

I'll be watching episode 47 tomorrow.

Thanks goodness, there are only two episodes left. I'm soo excited to see Boukenger end FOR GOOD.


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Told you! Told you all! I knew Gajah was going to kick ass!
Long live Gordom! Long live the Space Po... No! Arch Priest Gajah!
Sakura's feeling are pretty obvious, but I haven't seen any clues from Akashi as to where his heart lies. If Sakura really confesses and gets rejected, I really don't know how to react. :anime:

If that happens I hope Akashi is slapped repeatedly with a great deal of force.


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With the current finale spoiler, I doubt Akashi is getting any nookie this season.

Unless the power Satoru recieved was from Sakura's mouth.



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Episode 48 was alright. I enjoyed the battle between Satoru and King Ryuuon. I thought it was awesome.

At the end, Satoru and King Ryuuon's real human form are inside of the building but it went KA-BOOM! Of course, Satoru'll come back.

Now... the White Pope have a huge plan. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

The preview of 48 looks very interesting and I'm glad they use DaiVoyager. Hopefully it'll be good.
watched the Christmas episode subbed on Youtbue.

Sakura continues to be passive-aggressive regarding Satorin. First she was worried then she got upset when Eve said they were on a date.



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That's Gajah, he'll absorb the Heart of Gordom and become the fearsome Gajadom!
Told you! Gajah kicks ass!
They'll defeat him though...

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Of course. But the epic build up is awesome, hundreds of footsoldiers attacking powerless rangers always makes for a kickass finale.