General Discussion Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: Not For Me, But Maybe For You

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Shaken Not Stirred!!
I love my Samsung galaxy tablet, wouldn't swap it for anything, it's great!!! I have a blutooth keyboard case for it which enables me to do some work on it when I'm travelling and also a lot quicker to power up than the lap top. Not sure about the Nexus, don't think it's for me either.


Hmm, it's not that bad guys. Okay, I don't own one yet but I wouldn't mind giving it a chance. If I don't fall in love with it, I'll just hand it over to a buddy or relative in need.


I've used one a couple of days, being the primary competitor to the Ipad Mini, and spec-wise, not even mentioning price-wise, beating him, I have no problems to say I would definitely buy something like this if I was in need of a new tablet, smooth OS, big quality screen, doesn't break, fluid UI, everything you want and need is there for you.


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I have an iPad that I have had for a couple of years, and I am really happy with it. Since I got the iPad, I barely even turn on my old desktop computer anymore. I can't do everything on the iPad that the computer does, but it does most everything I need to do.
I have never even looked at one of the other tablets, so I don't know if I would like one of them better or not.