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Goodnight Mommy is the remake of a 2014 Austrian film of the same name. This Hollywood remake is coming to Amazon Prime video. This horror thriller promises twists that will make your jaw drop on the floor. Naomi Watts played the titular Mommy and is no stranger to the horror genre as she starred in the Hollywood remakes of The Ring.
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Goodbye Mommy Official Trailer

Elias (Cameron Crovetti) and his twin brother, Lucas...

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I have theories from the trailer. Their dad's ex girlfriend killed their mom and stole her identity. The "mom" is an alien that's why she wants the Cabin to off limits.
Naomi is badly underappreciated! She never performs poorly or even mediocrely. She constantly gives everything she has. After all, it looks fantastic! I'll probably subscribe to Prime for a month in order to see this. I'm just watching this because Naomi does such a terrible job at acting.


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I don't understand it; the perfect version of this movie already exists. Why remake it practically shot-for-shot rather than creating something fresh and different, which is what most modern horror films lack.


I watched the original, and this needs a different ending to be worthwhile. What would be the point? Additionally, it looks like the mom talks a lot in this one. I'll still check it out.


What a scary looking movie, the trailer made me pee my pants. Throughout, it keeps you intrigued and somewhat on edge. It appears to be a fantastic film to watch for my Halloween binge.


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To me, it seems useless to remake a movie that was released less than ten years ago. Particularly a film that is already excellent and doesn't require much polishing. people, view the original instead! What horror movie, not even ten years old, is being remake? Amazon, Have you ever considered trying a new concept?


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What if the mom is real and the twins are just crazy? Misunderstanding can cause horrors too.


So this is a remake and the fans of the original are angry of the remake. Well the original never went away, You can still watch it. Stop hating on remakes.


To the lover of the original, Just think about this, the creators of the original movie made more money and the original will have new fans because people who watched the remake will be curious to try the original.


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Reminds me of the time when my dogs dont recognize me anymore because I work a lot and they were barking at me.
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I am not fan of horror movies but I watched trailer since description is very interesting. . My conclusion: Now I am even more afraid of horror movies. Theme is great and I hope fans will enjoyed it.