Good, Someone Rescued Batman: Caped Crusader

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<p>Imagine getting Bruce Timm back to make a new Batman cartoon — and then dumping the show. Wait, we don’t have to imagine — it really happened, thanks to real-life Looney Tune David Zaslav and his cost-cutting regime at WB Discovery. Batman: Caped Crusader was announced in May of 2021 as a gritty, noir-ish take on the Dark Knight in the vibe of Batman: The Animated Series. Timm, who was responsible for much of how that series turned out, would return to direct. But it wasn’t long after that announcement was made that Zaslav took over and kiboshed most non-Velma-related animated projects, including this one.</p>


Thought this will never happen anymore! Finally some good news!As a lifelong Batman fan, I was devastated to hear that Batman: Caped Crusader was cancelled due to cost-cutting measures. However, I am thrilled to hear that Amazon Prime has picked up the show and that we will get to see new stories set in Gotham City. I can't wait to see what Bruce Timm, JJ Abrams, and Matt Reeves have in store for us!

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You know, when I heard that Bruce Timm was coming back to direct a new Batman animated series, it was like music to my ears. I was over the moon, I tell ya. But then, when the show got cancelled, it was like a punch in the gut. I was heartbroken. But let me tell you, now that Amazon Prime has picked up the show for two seasons, I'm feeling good again. I'm looking forward to seeing how Timm, Abrams, and Reeves will expand upon the classic noir aesthetic of Batman: The Animated Series. It's gonna be a wild ride, and I can't wait to see where they take us.


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Hell yes! As someone who grew up watching BTAS, I have always appreciated how the show portrayed its villains. Their complex and nuanced personalities added depth to the show's storytelling. With the announcement of Batman: Caped Crusader, I'm eager to see how Bruce Timm, JJ Abrams, and Matt Reeves will bring their unique perspectives to the beloved characters. The prospect of a gritty and noir-ish take on the Dark Knight, along with a deeper exploration of the characters' psychologies, has me eagerly anticipating the show's release. I'm excited to see how this new iteration of Batman compares to its predecessors and how it will stand out as a distinct and thrilling addition to the franchise.


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It's a huge win for Amazon to have secured the rights to Batman: Caped Crusader after HBO Max dropped the show. This acquisition ensures that the highly anticipated show will be produced and distributed to audiences. David Zaslav's decision to cancel non-Velma-related animated projects, including Batman: Caped Crusader, disappointed fans who were looking forward to the new series. However, Amazon's decision to pick up the show demonstrates their commitment to providing their audience with high-quality content. Given Amazon's success in resurrecting Batman: Caped Crusader, one has to wonder if they will consider resurrecting other cancelled shows. Westworld, HBO's sci-fi western series that was cancelled after its third season, is one such example. It's a shame to see such a unique and innovative show end prematurely, especially with such a dedicated fan base and a talented cast and crew. However, given Amazon's resources and track record of reviving cancelled shows, they are an ideal candidate to save Westworld.

Overall, it's encouraging to see streaming services like Amazon step up and save shows that would otherwise be cancelled or stranded. As a fan of good television, I hope Amazon continues to be a savior for beloved shows that deserve another chance.


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Prayers work! I prayed someone will greenlit this show after if got canceled and it worked! Thank you Jesus!

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