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I’ve mouthed off before about Sam Raimi throwing the character of Scarlet Witch under the bus in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Not only does Wanda Maximoff suddenly turning murderous and crazy clash with all previous cinematic portrayals of her, the character is now damaged so badly it makes all future potential storylines impossible (assuming she even lived). My biggest problem is the fact that the MCU versions of these characters are the ones Average Joes will be most familiar with. I’ll have to run around with a sign that says “Scarlet Witch isn’t really like this!”
I also feared that, for synergy’s sake, Marvel Comics would make the original Wanda turn heel as well, but gratefully, that’s not happening. The publisher just announced a new Scarlet Witch series today, one in which she’s the superhero she should be — not a scary loon out to abduct her imaginary kids.
Wanda is reborn as the hero the Marvel Universe needs her to be! Making the most of her fresh start...

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She did some questionable things in the comics though like depowering mutants which leads to death of millions. BTW she have an upcoming Solo movie! So she will become a hero again. I think after the events of Multiverse of Madness people forgot what she did.


The Crimes she did in Multiverse of Madness happened in a different dimension, So I dont in the MCU she can still be a hero in the main universe despite of having tainted her hands with blood.


What does the Fox say?
I have not been keeping up with the Marvel Universe so this all new news to me. But I am all for supporting female heroes and super heroes. So Scarlet Witch gets 2 thumbs up from me.

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