The upcoming film Good Morning, Sleeping Lion, led by beloved tokusatsu suit actor Seiji Takaiwa (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Hero) has been hotly anticipated, not the least by this writer. The film is set to feature the veteran to re-unite with several talents, behind the camera and in front of it, including Koichi Sakamoto, prolific Action Director, as the director of the film. A new trailer recently debuted, and features cameos from not only actors from Takaiwa’s previous works, but some small Easter Eggs for fans!
Good Morning, Sleeping Lion stars Takaiwa as Kazuma Kujo, an entertainment manager deep into middle age but still deeply passionate for his work. One of his charges, Reimi Watanuki (Miho Watanabe of Idol Group Hinatazaka 46) has been targeted by a mysterious group, and it’s up to Kujo to protect her while keeping his headstrong idol in line. Additional staff...

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Boss of All Bosses
This is like a Mega Crossover of Toku actors. I like it when I see Toku actors are getting jobs after their series ended.