Nov 20, 2008
Thus far the reception to Kazikou Sentai Gokaiger has been spectacular; new fans are tremendously excited over this action packed series while old fans are simply in awe of the continuous callbacks to older shows, particularly the "Ultimate Powers" awarded after meeting previous Sentai veterans.

It may make for entertaining TV but the Ultimate Power merchandise runs a short gambit from mediocre to terrible; usually just adding a bunch of ugly kibble to GokaiOh. They haven't impressed me enough to justify the import costs to date.

Thankfully the status quo is thrown for a loop by the arrival of Gai Ikari- a diehard Super Sentai fanboy with such a convoluted origin story I'm not yet convinced he didn't write the damn episode himself. Gai joins the team as Gokai Silver, accessing the powers of most Extra Rangers from the past while activating three unique Ultimate Powers.

From the TimeRangers, GoJyu Drill!


A massive battleship with a drill that will pierce the timestream and appear when GokaiSilver needs to fight. Its actually much bigger than I expected & I like the overall appearance.

Next comes the ZyuRangers' Ultimate Power, GoJyuRex!


Transforming the battleship to a tyrannosaur. Not a bad-looking dino (even if it is biologically inaccurate) but I don't like how the head is stuck in a "slouching" position. And the drill-tail is more of a burden than anything else; its so big that leg movement is actually prohibited by its attachment.

Last but certainly not least- the Ultimate Power of Abaranger, GoJyuJin!


Gokai Silver's unique Megazord :D Its an excellent solid design and thankfully retains the above-average articulation of its Aba ancestor. And of course it wouldn't be an Abaranger tribute mecha without a rotating drill gimmick; turn the crank in GoJyuJin's back to wind the drill, release it to watch limbs spin.

GoJyuJin is somewhat of a step down from GokaiOh


But smaller's not always a bad thing. And the lack of interaction beyond arm-swapping does seem disappointing at first but the fact is I'd prefer something simple like this as opposed to forcing an ungodly expensive clusterfuck Ultrazord.

I've got everything I wanted out of GoJyuJin- multiple forms, interesting design, moderate articulation, significant play value... all elements of success in Megazords! Definitely recommended.