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Jun 23, 2010
Did this for anonfic meme. I probably need to clean this up a bit, but here you go.


Alpha was doing a system check for the Power Chamber when the doors to the outer lab opened and two figures stepped out.

“Ay yi yi! Billy, this is such a surprise!†Alpha exclaimed.

“WE have come here to take care of certain matters.†Billy said, his voice monotone. Cestria stood by his side, her expression equally blank.

Zordon noticed these oddities at once. “Alpha, be on your guard. They are under a spell!â€

“You’re observant, for once.†Billy said coldly. “Cestria, shut down Alpha. I’ll do the same for Zordon.â€

“Of course.†Cestria said. She glided over to Alpha, who flailed away, not wanting to hurt her. “Be still, little one. Your power supplies need a brief respite.â€

Before he could reply, she seized him with surprising strength, opened his back panel, and fiddled with the switches necessary to make him slump over.

“Billy, you don’t want to do this, you are under a spell-â€

“Silence, old man. I’m here to silence the enemy and you presence is distracting.â€

He with flawless precision, his fingers flew across the controls. His voice warping, Zordon’s impressive visage faded from sight.

“Excellent. He’s out of the way. Now we can follow our command. Cestria, bring me the capsule.â€


“What an excellent plan, my hideous jewel!†Zedd said. “To have the former Blue Ranger and her gubby girlfriend infiltrate the Power Chamber.â€

“I thought it would be poetic justice.†Rita said smugly. “With Billy’s technical knowledge and Cestria’s medical whatsits, they will spray a plague into the atmosphere that will bring earth to its very knees!â€

“And with the Rangers none the wiser!†Zedd chortled. “By this evening, we’ll have the planet right under our control. I just hope you won’t have any pushing troubles before Thrax comes out.â€

Zedd’s patted his wife’s impressive belly.

“Don’t you worry a thing. I’ve drunk the required sour milk for the day, so everything should be fine. Though I don’t get why you keep assuming we’ll have a son. I wouldn’t mind having a girl. She’d be named Teneya.â€

“Too many syllables! Besides, Finster did the check and said it was a boy. You were there, weren’t you?â€

“Well, I was too busy throwing up to notice, but now that you mention it…â€

“Oh, I just hope Thrax doesn’t have any complications. I want heirs to the throne and it’d be really frustrating if he turned out to be gay or asexual.â€

“There’s always adoption.†Rito piped in. “I heard that Eclipse guy is a robot and he know has that fierce chick called- â€

“Don’t you dare utter her name!†Rita roared, and she proceeded to rant and rave about Astronema.

“It’s nearly time.†Goldar said, checking the positon of the sun “What’s taking them so long?â€

“Patience, my not-so-sentient simian.†Zedd said. “They’re probably putting the finishing touches on that cold they’ve got.â€


“So this virus is very potent, correct?â€

“Yes. The Angler Plague is still very infamous on Aquitar. It nearly wiped out the food supply near my pod cluster and altered the survivor’s genetic structure so they gave birth to asexual young. We always suspected Hydro Hog had unleashed it. It could bring a planet to its very knees. Fortunately, a clever healer was able to find a cure and save our world.â€

“Well, our enemies would be ignorant of the cure, so the plan is perfect.â€

“Of course, Billy. Now that the capsule is firmly sealed, we could now insert it into the cannon.â€

Billy and Cestria approached the Power Chamber cannon. Normally, it was used for benign means, but today would be the exception. With careful precision, the two pushed the capsule into the cannon.

“Excellent. Prepare for launch, Cestria.â€

“Yes, Billy. Now our enemies will be brought to their knees.â€


“Well? Has it started yet?†Rita asked.

“Hold on, you impatient witch.†Zedd said. He pressed his visor against the binoculars. From the west coast of the North American continent, he saw a twinkle. “Wait, I just saw something! Yes, he launched it!â€

“Finally!†Rita cheered. “After all the years of blood and sweat and dried up clay, the Power Rangers are done for! The world is ours!â€

There was a chorus of celebration, with Goldar roaring in victory and Rito prancing around, cheering for a party. They didn’t notice the twinkle was still there, getting brighter…


“How long until impact Cestra?â€

“Sixty seconds and counting.â€

“Excellent. Soon, victory will be ours!â€


Finster wiped his glasses and squinted at the earth.

“Now this might be my failing vision. But I swear I see something approaching us.â€

The party atmosphere abated in confusion.

“What?†Rita exclaimed, stealing the binoculars from her husband. “Umm, Zeddie…â€

“What is it, my corpulent pricklebush?†Zedd snatched the binoculars back. “Oh no, this isn’t good…â€

“What? What? What? C’mon, tell us what you all are elipsing about!†Rito said.

“Oh no!†Zedd fumed. “Didn’t I tell you to be more specific with your orders?â€

“What are you blowing a gasket for, Zeddie? I didn’t…†A look of horror came across her face. “Oh no. I wasn’t specific enough!â€

“You’re right, hornhead! Instead of thinking they should be attacking our mortal enemies the Power Rangers, they thought we were talking about…â€

“US!†The couple said together.

“Wait, you mean that missile full of fish cold Is heading straight for us?†Rito asked, panicking at once.

“For once, you arrived at the correct conclusion!†Zedd said. “We’re going to infected by Aquitian plague!â€

“RUN!†Rita yelled.

Zedd quickly pulled his pregnant wife to his feat as the others scrambled into the campervan. By then, the twinkle could now be seen as an approaching missile.

“Step on it!†Rita roared.

Zedd obeyed, slamming his foot into the gas with all his strength. The campervan squealed across the moon rock at terminal velocity.

“Hurry!†Rita said, watching the missile grow in detail. “Hurry!â€

“I’m trying!†Zedd snarled, trying to keep the vehicle steady.

Suddenly, there was an ear defeaning explosion, followed by a wall of red smoke. Zed tried desperately to outrun it, but the cloud got closer and closer, until it engulfed them…

“Hey Billy, Cestria good to see you!†Tommy exclaimed as he led the Rangers into the Power Chamber. “Got back from your honeymoon?â€

Billy and Cestria didn’t answer. They were flying from one part of the Power Chamber to the other, hastily pushing buttons on both Alpha and the councils.

“Um…Billy.†Kat said. “What’s going on?â€

“We’re not too sure ourselves.†Billy said, typing frantically. “One minute, we’ve been returning from a recovery trip from Edenoi and then there was a flash and everything was blank.â€

“We need to get Alpha and Zordon back online.†Cestria said as she worked on Alpha. “Oh, I hope I didn’t do anything too bad to him…â€

Eventually, Alpha was back online and Zordon reappeared in the blue tube.

“Rangers. I wish we could welcome back Billy and Cestria under better circumstances, but we’re in a bit of a bind.â€

“What is it, Zordon?†Tanya asked.

“Billy and Cestria were put under a spell and shut Alpha and I down. I feared for your safety, but I’m relieved to see you’re unharmed.â€

“You too, Zordon.†Adam said.

“Ay yi yi, what happened?†Alpha said. “If the mission wasn’t to harm the Rangers, then what was it?â€

Billy checked the computers. “It appears Cestria and I have launched a capsule not too long ago. Its trajectory was the moon.â€

“Can you say what was inside the capsule?†Rocky asked.

Cestria peered over Billy’s shoulders and her eyes widened. “It’s the Angler plague! One of the most dangerous viruses ever to hit Aquitar! Oh my, what have done? Did I just perform an act of biological terrorism?â€

“It’s okay Cestria, you didn’t do any harm.†Billy said comfortingly. “If my calculations are correct…the virus would vanish from the moon in a month. Someone just needs to let NASADA know not to send anything there.â€

“Oh, thank goodness.†Cestria sighed. “As a healer, I would feel so horrible if I destroyed your planet with a virus like that.â€

Fortunately, the moon is barren of life. The Machine Empire is gone, so there’s no one to be hurt there. Relax. Everyone’s safe.â€

Cestria calmed down and laid a head on his shoulder while the others quietly watched on.

“You’re right. There’s nothing to worry about. And if someone had been on the moon.†Cestria suddenly stood to attention, fire in her eyes. “I would quickly inform them of the sideeffect and treat them to the best of my ability. Even if they were my worst enemy.â€


Rita sneed. She also coughed. The others were as lucky, hacking the red smoke out of their lungs and doing their best to air out the Campervan while Zedd continued to drive.

“Well, that’s back to the drawing board.“ Zedd said irritably. “It’s going to take weeks to get this virus out of our system. Your dad better have a cure lying around.â€

“He has cures for EVERYTHING!†Rito said. “The Bubonic Plague, Anthrax, Small Pox, Rabies, Moon Rabies, Solar Rabies…he’s got it all. He’s even got the cures for the viruses that don’t exist yet, like that Swine thing orY virus.â€

“Well, at least your father is good for one thing.†Zedd said grudgingly. “Though he needs to stop dropping hints about how worthless I am. Ugh, can this get any worse?â€

Rita’s face was strained and she gripped her stomach tightly. Rito glanced at her in worry.

“Hey, you all right Sis?â€

“What’s the trouble, my rotten pumpkin?†There was a pause. “Pumpkin?â€

“My…my water broke.â€

“What?†exclaimed Zedd, Rito, Goldar, and Finster.

“I’m….I’m going into labor. Help me, you worthless twits!â€

The male villains tuttered around in panic, Rita snarling painfully and Zed swearing under his breath as he put the campervan into overdrive.

And that was why the earth was absent of villains when Divatox came along.