Going to Japan to learn Japanese sign language

Not sure if many of you already knew that I'm deaf, but I've always been fall in love with Japanese culture since I was young kid. Been exposed to that culture at that ripe of young age. Loves to watching anime a lot, but been wondering why it never went through to american tv, but now I know why.

Not only that I learned Japanese culture, but have been learned Chinese culture too as well. I know a bit of Chinese sign language. Been spoke that language when I was young.

Despite that the country of China is communist, that won't stop me from visiting that country to learn more about it, I'm thinking of going to hong kong there to staying there for a while. I know they took a flock of cats, dogs to cook them, so people could eat them. I couldn't stomach that.

Anyways, here's Japanese sign language I'm talking about.


Gotta to love Japanese sign language! :castlerock:

Now now now, which city should I visit in Japan? I know a lot about Tokyo, but best place to live, though! It'll be a whole lot harder for me to understand what they're saying! Well? :laugh:


It stinks.
I personally always thought any form of sign langauge was both fascinating and astounding. So, I'm really glad that you're going to Japan to know their form of sign language. Hope you have fun there and learn alot from it. And maybe if possible do a tutorial as well.


OMG! Both of u r deaf!? DUDE! That's terrible, im so sorry! Have you guys ever thought about getting implants?


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Whoa I did not know that y'all. :O_O::O_O:

That's good for you SK, I wish you luck at that..and patience. lol


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I'm also partially deaf in my right ear.

Also, you should watch Orange Days. Plenty of japanese sign language in the show.


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wow, as if I knew he was deaf! :O_O:
but hey, it's awesome that you're going to learn Japanese sign language in Japan.
as for me, I'm going to learn the language itself over there, along with university entrance exam subjects.
is Japanese sign language the same, like, having 4 levels?
I'm currently learning Japanese Level 2. :)

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I would love to learn any type of sign language... The Japanese form looks very different from ASL! I know a tiny bit, but I have friends who are fluent. I should show them this video, they'd probably be pretty darned interested. :thumbs:

So, ForeverRed, you're deaf, too? I suppose that's the sort of thing that doesn't really come up in a place like this. As long as you're not blind and can read the words on the screen (or have someone read them to you, I suppose) you can post here. :)


To be honest, the popular places like Tokyo aren't as fun as the country side. Visiting the temples and just walking around places like Kyoto and Osaka are very worth your money. Plus the people there are more sociable there than they are in populated areas.

Though, it would never hurt to just drop by Tokyo to get your Anime/Toku fix.


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Wow. Most people will feel bad for the deaf. But I'm jealous. I really am jealous. I'm currently learning the Japanese Language and I didn't know that there was Japanese sign language. Dude. I wish you luck
What the heck?:O_O: You 3 guys (Sentinel King, ForeverRed and partially Aoiblue) are deaf? I feel sorry for you guys but at least you are fortunate to still have eyes. May God help you for that, God bless you three.