GoGoV vs Gingaman- Should I watch it?

After being left as a raw for so long, the lovely folk at GaoSoulForever has subbed it. After just finishing Gingaman and taking a look at GoGoV, I was interested in seeing this.

Is it any good or not?


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It's not really tied much to the main story though.
But since VS specials come out after the airing has ended (usually) they tend to incorporate a lot of elements from later on in the series.

Besides, GoGoV vs Gingaman is hardly one of the most spectacular VS specials.

Inui Takumi

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I dont think watching the show makes a difference in this one. It seemed pretty stand-alone-ish to me. It's a good movie and a great example of 90's sentai action. :thumbs:


It's a movie, it'll take less than two hours of your life, just watch it.

Also, I thought all sentai movies have been HK'd for years.

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