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The eternal struggle between TV and Movies comes to a fever pitch as we pit Godzilla against Ultraman. After the runaway success of Godzilla, there were quite a few monster suits left around Tokyo and the Tokyo Broadcasting Company sought them out, along with actors and crew who worked on the Godzilla films. The goal: produce a weekly "Godzilla", half an hour long, to be on TV.

Ultraman was born out of Ultra-Q, an "Outer Limits" style kaiju show that was technically the first "Ultra" project. Ultraman gave the series a massive hero, and it gave the old Godzilla monsters a second job outside the films.

So here we are...what camp are you in? Ultraman or Godzilla? TV or Movies? Which had more impact on your life? Let us know!


I been a Godzilla fan since I was a child. You cant forget get that Ultraman is base off Jet Jaguar which is one of Godzilla allies.


That guy in Japan
Godzilla has the advantage in pure strength and power. Ultraman wins in speed, agility, and technical fighting prowess. They both have long range energy attacks and a lot of experience in Kaiju Combat.

They both also have huge weaknesses. Godzilla is, in the end, an animal whereas Ultraman is fully sentient and would easily win if things came down to tactics. On the other hand, Ultraman has that pesky time limit to worry about so Godzilla wins if it comes down to stamina.

In the end, I voted for Ultraman because Godzilla can't hit what he can't catch and I think Ultraman would be able to outthink Godzilla and beat him within the 3 minute time limit.
It all depends on the versions.
If we're going Ultraman Hayata vs. Showa Godzilla, that would be an amazing match. Godzilla is much stronger and more durable, though Ultraman's energy attacks, speed, and skill is far greater than Godzilla's. The big factor here, though is 3 minutes. Without the timer, Ultraman would eventually take him down. However, could he do it within 3 minutes? I'm going to say 'yes,' but by a margin. If you can recall, Ultraman lost to Gomora, a kaiju far stronger and relentless than other enemies. It wasn't until the rematch, Gomora's tail gone, that he won. However, they do state in "Galaxy" that Ultraman was caught by surprise. I think that, in the end, Ultraman would win by a small margin, but it would be close.


I been a Godzilla fan since I was a child. You cant forget get that Ultraman is base off Jet Jaguar which is one of Godzilla allies.

that is true and i love me som Godzilla, King of the Monsters but i dunno i think Ultraman got this in the sheer versatile department


I thought this poll was about "which one is more important to you" since the opening post had "Which had more impact on your life?". But anyway, on the subject of who would win, this interview with Susumu Kurobe (Hayata), Hiroko Sakurai (Fuji) and Satoshi Furuya (Ultraman's suit actor) did have them discuss it, although it sounded like they didn't really give a serious answer:

Q: Who would win in a fight, Ultraman or Godzilla?

Godzilla, since it is Nakajima in the suit, but since he was getting on in years, they thought he could be beaten now. But they made the point that Ultraman is stronger.
Eiji Tsuburaya's euphemistic way of saying Godzilla doesn't stand a chance:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzFdUYoltJ4"]Ultraman vs Jirass... now with battle music!!!! - YouTube[/ame]


Ultraman for the Win. Ultraman has greater powers and has had a Greater impact on me than Godzilla has. I think Godzilla is great, but not as Great as Ultraman.

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