Godai Yuusuke VS Hino Eiji


So, I've been watching Kamen Rider Kuuga (I'm at Episode 39 now) and I love the main character, Godai Yuusuke. I've noticed that he is very similar the main character in Kamen Rider OOO, Hino Eiji. I've only seen the first two episodes of OOO, so I can't make a judgement of who's better. But you can! Whose better?

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I don't like Godai, but still able to admit - he's way better character, than Hino.


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I keep seeing people say "but Eiji's such a jerk, blah blah, he doesn't care about the people he helps, he doesn't ask why they're in trouble, he just feels like he has to save them, etc. etc." This pisses me off, and I think he IS a good person. As a character, I like Godai better (partly because he was the original, and also Eiji depresses me sometimes) but I'm going to vote for both.


I care so little about Kuuga... It's not like I hate Godai, it's just I don't think anything about him... On the other hand, I loved how Eiji was done, so my vote goes to him.
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Godai was a great guy, but Eiji was more into his role. Both did great jobs, but Eiji had a certain spirit to him that Godai didn't. I voted for both though since they are both great characters.


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Seriously? Way to keep it classy...

Anyway, back to the topic at hand; I think Eiji was particularly dull as a character. Plenty of people hate on Gentaro, but I at least felt I knew where the character stood, Eiji felt really wishy-washy to me. Like I can tell hes a good guy but at the same time he doesn't have Gentaro's determination, or Shotaro's sense of justice, it seemed to me that he was a good guy just because and in my opinion, thats rather weak. I realize that OOO was truly Ankh's story, but I don't think that means Eiji had to be so bland. imo he is the most forgettable main Kamen Rider since Wataru.

I've only seen up to episode 10 of Kuuga, and I didn't feel like Godai was an especially memorable character, but that might be due to lack of episodes.
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