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God Of Rock is a Rhythm-based fighter. Yes, Modus Studios, a Video Game company from Brazil, invents a new video game genre by Merging a 2d fighter with a Rhythm Music Game. It will be available for download for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.
 For fans of Guitar Hero who lost hope of getting a new sequel, this is something you may consider playing. Back in the 90s, a game in Ps1 called Bust A Groove. It was a hybrid of a dancing and fighting game. It also has a roster of characters, and each one of them represents a genre of dance. I enjoyed it in its prime, but it got defeated by a ripoff. The Dance revolution later defeated it because it had a more extensive music library.
God of Rock knows people will get bored if the number of playable characters is equal to the number of songs. So This game has over 40 songs to choose from randomly.
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I love watching my brothers play fighting games but Fighting Games don't like me because I can't learn combos and super moves. On the other hand, I do well in Guitar Hero and other similar games. Finally a fighting game where I have a chance to win a match!
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I can see The SNK influence to Brazil because King of Fighters is popular there and the roster of this game looks like they are designed by SNK employeers.


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The Plot reminds me of Time Warriors and the banned fighting Game Thrill Kill. Dead People got resurrected to fight in a Martial Arts tournament but this no gory violence.


The players will never get too see how flashy the combos are because they will be too busy looking at the lower half of the screen to make sure they wont make mistakes.


In other words, bust a move, but with fighting rather than dancing. I enjoy it. incredibly intriguing A demo or trial version of this would be wonderful.


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I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but just thinking about this as someone who enjoys watching the fighting and having to check the beat bar to know when a battle is happening feels kind of annoying. That's probably the thing that irks me the most about the concept, but I really hope that it works and succeeds.


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It seems like fun. It reminds me of the early days of rhythm games without peripherals. But I find the impact sparks a little bit overwhelming.