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Hey hey everyone, Sam here, very longtime lurker on the HJ boards. Just wanted to pop in and tell you folks about a new podcast a buddy and I started up (and yes, I admit making my first post here a flagrant self-promotion is pretty uncool, but I'll be more active now that I actually sat down and created an account).


The show's called the Go Go Power Podcast, we're updating every two weeks (for now, might get bumped to every week if our work schedules will allow it), and as the post title might suggest, we're watching every episode of PR, from Mighty Morphin' to Super Megaforce and beyond. Our format is roughly five 5-10 minute reviews of PR episodes per podcast. We're also planning on covering select eps from the original Sentai series' during the season breaks (which'll be fun for me as my cohost is largely unfamiliar with Tokusatsu).

The first episode went up yesterday, it's just a quick prologue to the series, clocking in at about 20 minutes more-or-less. If any of you are interested in checking it out, here's the link:

Episode 0 – Prologue

We also have a link in iTunes if you're interested in subscribing:


Thanks all for your time, enjoy the show, and see you all around the boards!
Just a quick update, we now have a 30 second promo for anyone who'd like to help us advertise on their own podcast:


We'd also be more than happy to run any promos for anyone else if interested! New episode due out on Monday! See you then!

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