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There are those who say the tabletop game industry will be hit especially hard this year….that might be news to Isaac Childress, whose sequel to Gloomhaven launched its crowdfunding campaign last week. Frosthaven has since become one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.
The campaign for Frosthaven hit three million dollars in just three hours. That’s correct, a million dollars an hour. The pace has slowed since then, but in one week it has doubled that amount and, as of this writing, currently sits at $6,656,655. And climbing!
The original Gloomhaven was also crowdfunded by Childress, and made a sweet haul on its own, taking in $4.4 million during its campaign. The game itself is one of the most robust out there, packing in hundreds of hours of gameplay in a 20-pound box. The end product became so successful it was...
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