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It’s official: the experiment cannot be stopped! Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K as it’s commonly abbreviated) will be returning thanks to the wondrous new invention called the Gizmoplex — fully funded as of today.
The original vision for was for MST3K to run indefinitely, with rotating hosts, Mads and puppeteers. Big business had other ideas, and the show has had to bounce around networks to chase its dream. There was the long and successful run at Comedy Central, followed by the short stay at the Sci-Fi Channel, and then for a long time nothing until the rise of streaming services hungry for any type of content.
In 2017 MST3K found a cozy new home on Netflix, seemingly for good. The streamer had a reputation for buying as much content as possible. This, however, was before Netflix dropped the other shoe and revealed it loves cancelling shows just as much as making them. The revival received just two seasons there. Ever since, the production has resumed its nomadic...
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