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Virginia-based development team Woog Worx has been working on a new action platformer for the NES for the last two years. Now Ghoul Grind: Night Of The Necromancer is nearly done, and the crowdfunding campaign (launched today) is your chance to get a physical copy (or a digital one, if you prefer).
On the eve of October 29th 199X, a possessed Vladimir Drachovi traverses the graves of Saint Crypton. With his newfound power of necromancy, Vlad awakens the resting townsfolk from their slumber. At their local hang out spot in the Crypton Woods, Nox Francisca and Veronica Mimieux are waiting for their friend Vlad to arrive so they can discuss their plans for Halloween. Unbeknownst to them, a newly awakened dead makes an attempt to harm them, and is struck down by Nox. Realizing that the dead have risen, Nox and Veronica journey to the graveyard to find the source of the...
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