Ghosts CBS, Renewed for a 3rd Season!!

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<p> the British and American versions show different points of view. By the end of its first season, Ghosts CBS had already made its mark on television. It is now the number one comedy in primetime in the United States.Fans of the CBS sitcom Ghosts will have happy post holiday! For a third season, the critically acclaimed comedy has been renewed. The American adaptation of the show is based on the eponymous British comedy. The remake’s number of episodes has already surpassed that of the four-season original. While this is going on, the fourth season of the British original has just ended.</p>


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The remake's trailer upset me as a British lady who is as nationalistic as Hell. Because the British version was so good, I thought the remake was unnecessary, but my spouse gave it a shot. I was proven wrong; the American version is enjoyable in its own right. The original BBC version is fantastic. However, because I am from the United Kingdom, it is more appropriate for our sense of humour. It's simply a matter of determining who your primary audience is. You guys can watch both versions and have hell of a good time.


The Christ Episode was a ratings winner so I ain't shocked they renewed it again even if the season is not yet finished. It is so Hilarious how horny the ghosts are but they can't have sex because their souls have permanent clothing. 🤣


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Not a fan of Free Television but I love CBS, Their shows have higher resilience than Netflix shows. Bob Hearts Abishola, Ghosts have surpass the two season curse and both Sitcoms have 20 episodes per season. CBS sitcoms can last up to 6 seasons, they are not perfect as they did cancel shows too but CBS shows have higher resilience. I mean look at Survivor, it is now on it's 44th Season with Season 45 filming.


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Whatever happened to the Headless Ghost, His British Equivalent is prominent in the BBC version. The American version was seen for 2 episodes only.


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Although it has been claimed that The Big Bang Theory is CBS's best sitcom, I find Ghost to be the network's most entertaining comedy program. Regarding this issue, I disagree with them greatly. It's much less of a struggle to like Sheldon and his Gang of a-hole nerds. I find Samantha and her Ghosts better.


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Do you think Jay might get the ability to see ghosts someday? I have no doubt that he and Pete will become fast friends due to their same love of Dungeons & Dragons and 80s pop culture.


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I think the show is great because of its fantastic cast, its clever use of the episodic framing device of switching to a new brain/personality with each episode, the way its central characters gradually come to share information and work together over the course of the series, and the way both the city and the show develop over time. Something magical has happened with this show. I like that new ghosts are being introduced into the show, such as the Car Ghost, the 1950s housewife, and Thorfinn's son.


I want Sam and Jay to finally have a Baby, I want to see how the ghosts will interact with the infant. In this show's lore toddlers can see ghosts.


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This TV show is great, and it's definitely one of the funniest comedies that are being shown on TV right now. I still have hope that there will be an episode where Samantha suddenly loses her ability to see ghosts but Jay keeps it. This would show Jay that what Samantha went through was not a dream. I don't know if this will be a one-episode arc or if it will go on for a few episodes, but it seems like it can't be stopped. I'd like them to reenact the British episode where Jay's British equivalent was left at the manor and a thief tried to steal from him but was stopped by ghosts.


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My stress reliever! This show is worth your time, It will make you smile a lot because the characters have their own charm that makes the show watchable. I also love the diversity without preaching about it.


My stress reliever! This show is worth your time, It will make you smile a lot because the characters have their own charm that makes the show watchable. I also love the diversity without preaching about it.
I am yet to try it but it looks pretty good and entertaining. The past few days were full of stress for me so I will try to relieve myself from the stress by watching this out.

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