Ghosted, When Your One night Stand is a Super Agent


<p>“Ghosted” is an action comedy starring Chris Evans, who we mostly know for superhero roles like Human Torch, Captain America, and Buzz Lightyear. Then we see his dark side when he became the psychotic antagonist of “The Gray Man.” So what is next for Chris Evans? Well, for the first time, he will be playing the damsel in distress in “Ghosted.” This movie is his reunion project with Ana De Armas.</p>


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The premise of "Ghosted" sounds like a wild ride, and I'm excited to see how Chris Evans and Ana De Armas tackle their roles. It'll be interesting to see Chris Evans play an ordinary guy ending up in a dangerous situation and he have to let the woman rescue him when he is in danger, as we're used to seeing him in superhero and action hero roles. I'm also intrigued by the fact that the screenplay is a collaboration between Chris McKenna, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick, who have all worked on successful action movies in the past. Director Dexter Fletcher has also shown his skills with movies like "Rocketman" and "Eddie the Eagle." Overall, I think "Ghosted" has a lot of potential, and I'm excited to see it when it releases on AppleTV Plus.
I find it quite strange to see Chris Evans play a beta male role in "Ghosted." After watching him portray heroic and strong characters like Captain America, it's going to be a weird change of pace. Remember the show Chuck? I find that show similar to this movie.


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Breaking up with that old wrinkly Dinosaur Ben Affleck is the best thing Ana De Armas did to her career. Look at all the awesome projects she is getting now.


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LOL, I'm so stoked to see Ana De Armas and Chris Evans team up again in "Ghosted"! Ana killed it in "Blonde," "Knives Out," and "No Time to Die" – like, she can do anything. And now she's taking on action AND comedy? That's gotta be epic! And Chris, man, seeing him as a nerdy sensitive guy is gonna be hysterical. Can't wait to see him step outta his usual alpha male comfort zone. The chemistry between these two is off the charts, no doubt about it.


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I found out that that the Sadie role was originally offered to Scarlett Johansson. It would have been interesting to see a romance-action movie with "Captain America" and "Black Widow." I mean they carely interacted in MCU movies.

However, seeing Chris Evans and Ana De Armas together in "Ghosted" has its own charm, and I'm excited to see how they will play off each other. The fact that they previously worked together in "Knives Out" gives me confidence that they will have great chemistry on screen. I'm looking forward to seeing how this unique storyline will unfold, and I hope it will exceed all expectations.

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"Ghosted" gives me strong "True Lies" vibes, but with the genders reversed. You where Ana is Arnold Schwarzenegger while Chris Evans is Jamie Lee Curtis.


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Super Livid with how this movie treats Chris "Ghosted" involves him being emasculated for feminist points. It is disheartening to see yet another movie succumbing to the pressures of political correctness. I do not like this wokeness agenda Hollywood has been shoving my throat.

Therefore, I will not be watching "Ghosted." As a fan, I hope Chris Evans' future projects showcase his acting prowess and are not compromised for the sake of appeasing certain agendas.


I respectfully disagree with the notion that Chris Evans' character is emasculated in "Ghosted" because he is not. From what I see, the movie is a fun action-comedy that subverts the typical gender roles seen in most movies. It is refreshing to see a male actor willing to take on a role that traditionally belongs to female characters. Additionally, Ana De Armas has already proven herself to be a capable action star, so I have no doubt she will deliver an excellent performance. I am excited to see how the dynamic between her and Chris Evans will play out in this movie.


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Awesome ! Chris Evans went back to his comic roots more often because he's a fantastic actor. I was laughing so hard just from watching the trailer, so I can only imagine how much I'll enjoy the entire movie. Ana and Chris are absolutely adorable together! It's also funny how in their previous film, he was trying to kill her, but now they're love interests. I find myself falling more in love with Ana every time I see her, and I already know that Chris is amazing in action scenes. It's delightful to see these two handsome actors with great chemistry and acting skills in a romantic comedy together again. They clearly get along well, and it's just wonderful to watch them work together.

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The producers of Deadpool and Top Gun are also responsible for this movie. This looks like so much fun!
Sad they have to replace Scarlett Johansson, Although I don't mind Ana De Armas, I think Scarlett is better and gets along with Chris Evans better. Because of Chris Evans, I'll still watch.


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Are you freaking kidding me? Chris Evans worked his ass off for a whole damn decade to get into peak physical condition as Captain freaking America, and now we're supposed to believe he can just switch back to playing some weak-ass dude who needs saving from a girl? That's a load of BS. He deserves better than that.


People who label this as "woke" are trying to exaggerate its meaning. If you want to see a good example of what "woke" means, watch Velma or Batwoman. But it's important to note that there is a difference between being "woke" and having a strong female character. If Chris Evans played Ana's role, people would compare it to his previous role as Captain America. He played a superhero for a long time, so seeing him in a completely different role is a nice change. We need more strong female characters and stop accusing diversity as woke.


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Um, it looks okay I guess, but I just can't stop thinking about how he's flying all the way across the world to see this girl he barely knows and hasn't even bothered to text back. Like, if he wasn't so freaking hot this would be like major stalker vibes, you know? But I mean, I guess it's okay since he's good-looking and all.


Wow! Absolutely yes! I am so excited to see this movie! I was expecting some cheesy romance or maybe a kidnapping plot, but this is the complete opposite of what I thought it would be - and that's fantastic! I can't wait to watch it! When Chris says "I'm the boyfriend" at the end, it makes me wonder if she ghosted him because of her secret spy job, and if he ended up becoming a spy himself even though he's not exactly cut out for it. Plus, the two of them are just stunning together and have great chemistry. As long as the movie doesn't go overboard and stays balanced, this might just finally give us the kind of movie we've been wanting for so long.


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Chris Evans playing a character that is usually typically given to Ryan Reynolds. 🤣 This is the 3rd time Ana and Chris works together but their last 2 movies they are villain and hero. Now they are lovers.

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