Seth Larson

Ghost Song is a visually beautiful 2d hand-drawn aesthetic Metroidvania game. It is an action-adventure with role-playing games (RPG) components, but it also has a profound story. As you progress through this dystopian world, you will have the opportunity to level up the main character’s abilities.
I remember in an episode of the History Channel series, The Universe, A scientist said that exploring the Jovian Moons (Moons of the Planet Jupiter) would be better than Mars.
It would be more productive to look for life on the moons that orbit gas giant planets than to search for life on other planets. I refer to the fact that within our solar system alone, it has been shown that there are moons that contain oceans and rivers that are hidden beneath a layer of frozen ice. Simply the moon Europa contains more water than all of Mars...

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One of my all-time favorite video games is Super Metroid, and this one unmistakably draws inspiration from it. It's fantastic! Buy today or I'm out. This trailer has me intrigued not only by the gameplay but also by the visuals and the eerie music.
There have been a lot of independent Metroidvanias recently, but I'm especially excited for this one. The demo was excellent, and the developer came off as a nice guy. The market is still there, and mainstream developers should be aware of it.


This game has been eagerly anticipated for YEARS! It's almost time for release, which is wonderful. This is the Metroidvania that I am most anticipating out of all of them, past, present, and future.


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This is the experience that comes the most close to being Metroid without actually being Metroid. A little over a decade ago, I supported the game on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. I'm thrilled for him that he was able to cross the finish line. Looking forward to playing it.


Finaly somebody start use other moons expect sometimes Titan or Europa. There are few more with good posibilites for life. Or even choose some dwarf planet.