Ghost Remake! Channing Tatum owns the rights to remake the 1990s classic

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<p>Ghost is named as one of greatest romance films of all time. This movie made huge stars out of Patrick Swayze,Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. Especially to Miss Goldberg because it won her an Academy award for best supporting actress. It gave her the O in her EGOT which is an achievement any multimedia Hollywood Star want to achieve. For a $22 million budget film, Ghost made $505.7 million. It is such a pop culture phenomenon back in the 90s because it made a 1955 song, Unchained Melody chart in the billboard.</p>


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Lets be Honest, Channing Tatum bought the rights because he wants the lead role. So he is going to take the role of Sam. I think in the interview he also said, he will remove offensive stereotype. I think it may have something to do with the Oda Mae character. he might turn her into a Legit Psychic instead of a scam artist. I watched the Japanese remake years ago and they gender switched it. The ghost is a woman and the man is the pot artist and they are married and have a daughter.


Well, I don't generally weigh in on these kinds of debates because I don't go to the theater as frequently as I used to. This, on the other hand, is a bad idea! For one thing, that 1990's acting performance is is irreplaceable. All of the actors and actresses performed admirably, with the exception of Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg. There isn't a single one of us who will forget our brief encounter with the shadow men. Second, if your firm has the option of casting you as Channing, it is probably not the greatest choice. This is especially true given that, despite being named "People's Sexiest Man Alive," you have yet to perform a really legendary role in the film business. There are numerous issues with creating a fresh version of this iconic picture.


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You cannot Blame him for trying to remake because as beautiful the story of these classics are, many Zoomers refuses to watch old movies. So a remake must happen for that type of audience.


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They should try what the Japanese remake did. If the screenplay is sharp and amusing, and the woman plays the ghost and he is the mourning boyfriend, I can see this becoming an instant smash. However, it will only be successful if Oda Mae is played by a terrific actress with a sense of humour. I think that is how the remake might go. A gender switcheroo.
I'll just say that, despite the skepticism elsewhere, I'm hoping for the best. People have such a narrow perspective on remakes, even if there are numerous remakes that are superior to the original. I will have an open mind unlike the close minded people who had permanent nostalgia glasses.

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I have reservations about his acting ability, so I can't predict whether he'll be successful. He rose to notoriety purely because of his shirtless physique. Tatum thrives more in comedy than dramas. He is more of a comedy and action movie type of guy. I don't mind if he's involved in the production of the picture, but I wouldn't want to see him in the starring role. Patrick Swayze remains an unequaled icon. No one.


He isn't hesitant to create a replica of a great film that has garnered multiple accolades and is well-liked by viewers. There will be a lot of pressure to produce work that is on par with the original. To attempt to reconstruct the legendary movie from scratch would be absurd. Unfortunately, he could require luck, therefore I wish him well.


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I think Hollywood has the idea of remakes completely backwards. The industry should look for films that were not as commercially successful but had flaws and work to improve them instead of striving to imitate already successful films. If this occurred, viewers would be more intrigued by what was happening. M3GAN, which was a great hit, is essentially an unauthorized replica of the box office dud Child's Play 2019. A poor movie may be fixed far easier than a perfectly great one.

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