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Indie game studio Crescent Moon games has just released their masterpiece Trashed onto Steam Early Access…it’s half action-adventure, half management sim. And you know what you’re managing this time? Garbage!
You’re the waste management supervisor of an interplanetary trash-collecting business. Build structures for proper waste management, and protect those structures by activating various weapons you can purchase on each planet (sometimes they’re also free, if you know where to look). Build or purchase vehicles to travel each planet, as well as push the trash into incinerators or recyclers. It’s not a pretty job, but as they say, someone’s gotta do it.

Unique Waste Management system
Planet Terraforming
Day/Night System
Top Down/3rd person Combat/Action
3 different planets to explore
Special weapons and upgrades for each planet
Strategy based building
Lots of exploring, unique items to find
Various vehicles to use and operate

If you saw Trashed on Steam proper a few days ago...
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