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Gravitas Ventures will be releasing the dark comedy Bigfoot Famous, produced by Bad Weather Films, on digital platforms next month.
Have you noticed ever since the widespread adoption of devices with pocket cameras that capture images at high resolution, amateur films of UFOs, sea monsters and yetis have decreased significantly? You’d think, if they were out there, we’d surely have the proof by now. Unless all those blurry photos from decades past were fakes, but nah, that couldn’t be it…
Well, influencer Coley figures such a video is just what she needs. She’s starved for attention, and the paltry likes she’s getting lately aren’t cutting it. So it’s off to the woods to capture a video of Bigfoot for her social media channels. Once she poses for a selfie with the one and only Sasquatch, the followers will come pouring in! She ropes her unwilling friends along for the ride, and as you might expect, the journey does not go smoothly.
Bigfoot Famous stars Steph Barkley (Confess)...
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