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For today’s Twitch streamers and influencers, it’s a necessity to pipe their live gaming footage into the PC — that’s currently the only way to green-screen their upper bodies onto the video feed. Game consoles aren’t really built with PC communication in mind, however…not even the more “modern” PS5 and XBox Series X. You gotta relay the footage through an expensive capture device to make it happen. If only there was a simpler way….
If a new gizmo currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter does what it claims, that simple way may be arriving soon. The GENKI ShadowCast is a small device that attaches to the HDMI cable on the back of modern consoles. Then a USB-C cable attaches to your PC and you’ve got a connection at over one-third the cost of today’s leading capture devices. The ShadowCast uses its own app to process the video footage, with latency so minimal that you can actually use your PC monitor to play console games.
The ShadowCast campaign launched on Kickstarter late last...
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