Gears of War 3 Beta

Judge Faiz

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Who's playing it?
I just started today and I realized I haven't played Gears 2 for a LONG time. I'm sucking it up pretty bad right now.


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[ame=""]YouTube - Gears of War 3 Beta Walkthrough Video (Full Video)[/ame]

Judge Faiz

I am the law
So far I've unlocked Cole Train as playable in the beta. Just need to use him for 7 more rounds to unlock him for the retail version. 30 more rounds and I unlock the golden retro lancer, then I'll need 100 kills with it to unlock that for the retail.

The beta is pretty damn fun though. I've been playing a lot of CTL (Capture The Leader) since the rounds go pretty quickly (which is good for when you have to play a bunch of rounds to unlock something/somebody).
There is also a King of the Hill & Team Deathmatch playlist that you can play.

Well worth checking out if you like Gears.

Judge Faiz

I am the law
Seriously, no one else is playing the Beta??

I've unlocked Cole Train for retail and I'm at 66/100 for unlocking the gold retro lancer for retail.


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As my Favorite Game Series hell yeah I've been playing it since April 18.

Unlock the Cog & Locust Teams in the beta, Unlock Thrashball Cole & Gold Retro Lancer for the retail game, at Level 21

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