Gears of War 2 - Time to Rendezous... LET'S GEAR UP!


Is it me or based on the trailers has Fenix's voice gotten even more annoying than it was in the first game?

Judge Faiz

I am the law
I got an email that my game is shipped & I should get it tomorrow via UPS! Yay!
My Lancer on the other hand should be here next week.

Judge Faiz

I am the law
Yep. Shipped seperatly, at least for me.

I've played a little way through the 1st chapter and Gears 2 fucking ROCKS!!!!!!

My Lancer should be here on Monday, and tonight I'm going to go check out the Launch Party at Best Buy.


I picked Gears of War 2 way early at Wal-Mart about 12:00 this morning. I thought there would be alot of people waiting for the game. But there were only like 4 other people waiting for it.

I probaly play it later. I'm still sleepy.

Judge Faiz

I am the law
So when we gonna get some Gears on people!?! I've been moving at a pretty good clip though the campaign, but I'd LOVE to get some Horde playin on!


I'm currently half way through campaign on hardcore, holy crap there are alot of suprises, the furthest I got on Horde is wave 16


im on chapter 5. other than final fantasy xi i dont use my 360. looks like ill be playing 360 a bit more thanks to gears of war 2 and smackdown vs raw 09 lol

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