Gashapon 4 & 5 O-Medals

Gashapon 4

Shauta Set ----- $10
Kuwagata Core ------- $3
Hyper Kabuto Rider Medal ------ $2
Den-O Wing Form Rider Medal ------- $2
W Heat Metal Rider Medal ------ $3
W Luna Trigger Rider Medal ------- $3

Gashapon 5

Putotera Set ------- $15 *SOLD OUT*
Cheetah Core ------- $4 (1 left)
W Gold Extreme Rider Medal ------- $3
Kintaros Imagin Rider Medal ------- $3

Prices DO NOT include shipping. Let me know which medals you want and what country/state you live in so I can tell you the shipping cost.

Also, if you are looking for OOO drivers please let me know. Found some at a store for 4220 yen.
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Just got my PuToTera set in today. didn't expect it to arrive so quickly so thanks alot man. :thumbs:

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