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The only thing I liked about Gaiden was Kaoru's performance. Man, she is such a cute looking girl. The promo at the end for the movie looked fantastic too.

*now prepares for BEAST OF THE WHITE NIGHT* :buttrock:

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Part 1 was excellent. My God.

I HATE CGI and wirework... I fucking hate it, ask anyone. But Garo has done it right.

I had to laugh cause I still cause Jabi's actress The "Nexus *****". :laugh:

I'm so pumped for Part 2.

[HIDE]Kaoru DOES appear in part 1, though it's not really her. It's in Kouga's mind that she appears, and she actually fights him.[/HIDE]

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Yeah I saw that already. I just thought she'd have a bigger role in it.

I like Tsubasa's staff. btw, what is his Makai Knight name? (ie. Garo, Zero, Kiba).

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What a fantastic movie and series altogether, wow. Without a doubt the best New Gen Tokusatsu series I've seen so far.

I seriously have nothing to complain about. I loved every single minute of what I saw.

Rei/Zero was a total badass in that movie. :buttrock:



GREAT! I have recently watched this series.. and i would like to rate it with my two thumbs up.. and feet...

too bad... almost all of the horror's victims were women and they were brutally murdered too...

I Like kouga's character.. yeahh... Kaiba's lookalike.. as well as GONZA and the skull ring Zalba? waahhhwww.. How i wish I could wear a ring like that...

Lastly... If i were Kaoru... I would like to kick Kouga's ass for using me as his bait.. welll... not knowing that he was just trying to save me.... but at least telling me that.. so i don't have to wonder why I am being chased by those freaks....


I've seen the show, Gaiden and the christmas special Beast of the White Night but I haven't heard of any movie release.


I just watched the Special.

I LOVED IT. even though it was like an extended episode, it was great.

and they showed BLOOD SPILLING!

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I just watched the first five eps yesterday and I'm absoultely dying for more.

Now if only my damn hard drive enclosure would just get here...:shakefist