Garo Gold Storm Shō, episode 2: "Flame"

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...and the moral is 'never fall asleep while Master Sha-Fu is around'. Tricky cat...​

This week, Eiris from 'Flower of Makai' wears a cowboy hat, we get to see what I'm guessing will be the heroes' home base for this series, and Ryuuga goes all Sentai on us and starts throwing shuriken around.


I thought Rian's costume modification is just for show off those legs :)
Yukihime clothes is obvious, but I didn't expect Rian have to show off hers as well, damn you Amemiya.
Uh, okay enough talk about that distraction.... Old armor from Hakana get modified a bit, there is no furry thing at shoulder. Somehow it looks better.

- Nice teamwork battle and nice effect for spell. A bit reference to S1 with Ryuuga get panicked over splash of Horror blood and Rian quickly cast spell to protect bystander from get tainted by that blood.
- How much Ryuuga modifies red scabbard? I hope he isn't forgot to modified his other equipment, as well. Poor Zaruba though, now he can't give random comment anymore before Ryuuga open his mask first :) .
- Actually it is better for Rian to turn her fake-suicide spell to attack horror rather than to make falling petal around him. Maybe it is just for dramatizing Ryuuga-Rian pose.
- Nice combination for finishing attack. Swirling tornado of green flame before slash it. It is needlesly too long though.

Toku Prime

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Who are the singers at the ending song? They look....aged...

The gimmick is that they're all actresses who are involved with the Garo franchise. From left to right...

Momoko Kuroki, the actress playing Yukihime (the girl in the purple bikini top and cowboy hat) in this series. She previously played Eiris in the fourth live action Garo series, Flower of Makai.

Sakina Kuwae, the actress playing Ryume (the priest with scrolls in her hair, pictured at the top of the page) in this series. She previously played Natsume in Gekiranger and a minor character in Akibaranger.

Mary Matsuyama, who played Rekka in Garo Makai Senki.

Eri Ozeki, a voice actress who played Anna, the mother of Leon (the main character in the Garo anime).

I can't find a source giving Eri's age, but of the other three the oldest is Momoko at 26.

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