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Nov 10, 2009
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I would like to point out that I fixed my Gao Lion's mane problem by throwing it onto my carpeted floor. When I picked it up, he was fixed. Hurray!

The past two Gokai Machines were small and somewhat uninspiring in the long run. However, our third entry into the Gokai Machine Series nets us a DX Mecha or pretty epic proportions, Gao Lion, from Hyakujyu Sentai Gaoranger. Once belonging to Gao Red, Gao Lion now spends his time roaming around the beaches of Sky Island Animarium working his tan and making sure the hoes know that he's king of the god damn jungle. This guy features lights, sounds, and two combinations of epic proportions.

The box is pretty epic. It retains a mostly green color scheme while keeping the design aspects from the other Gokai Machines in tact. The front shows off ShinkenGokaioh's head, as well as Gao Lion being all epic. To top it off, the bottom features the epic team up banner, showcasing Gokai Red with both Gao Red next to Gao Lion, and Shinken Red next to ShinkenGokaioh. Really cool.

Gao Lion himself is pretty big, he stands about as tall as Gokaioh's waist, which makes sense all things considered. He is VERY reminicent of the DX Gao Lion released during Gaoranger that functioned with Gao Kentarus. Obviously, he's a big boy now, and things have changed. Gao Lion now features a flip out mane to reveal some light blue sections underneath...I honestly don't know why, but they look nice. His feet are bigger (at least the front ones) and everything is nicely updated for Gokaiger. His rocket boosters were replaced with a long connector piece that doubles as a sword holder in ShinkenGokaioh formation. The only downside is he has zero articulation. As a stand alone mecha, he is really cool, and a must have for Gao fans.

The first formation is GaoGokaioh. To form this, take Gokaioh, pop off Gokai Marine and Gokai Trailer. Attach this to the top ports of Gao Lion. You're done. From here, you can put the swords in GaoGokaioh's hands. Press the button on Gao Lion's head to flare his mane up and hear him roar. This form (the same sounds as Gao Lion with no connections) has four sounds: a single roar, a triple roar, a sword slashing roar, and when the button is held down, you get a laser firing roar (Also, if you press the button about 20 times, you get a "Meow!" Sound, it's adorable.). This form is...unique. It's clearly based off of Gao Kentarus, just with Gokaioh instead of Gao Icarus. While not very cool, it still gives off a nice Gao impression, and knowing that ShinkenGokaioh is formed by splitting him up, this is acceptable to me, and a pretty unique throwback. You can even mix and match some things and give him DekaGokaioh's guns and make him cool.

The second formation is ShinkenGokaioh. To form this, remove Gao Lion's head and back body portions, as well as the gray connector piece. Dismantle the back, and open up the three Gokai Ports. Fold up the legs and peg them into the Jet and Racer, and plug Gao Lion's head into Gokai Galleon's port. Attach the helmet, unfold the antler like head crest, and spin the dial to reveal all 5 Kanji from Shinkenger. Make sure the mane is flared out to reveal the cool blue pieces. From here you can either attach the swords to the gray piece and make a double edged blade (like KajikiShinkenoh) or unfold the body piece to form a Rekka Daizantou like sword. Both weapons plug into the Gokai Jet hand, so you can't dual wield. I prefer the Rekka Daizantou for the obvious Shinkenger reference. When the dial is turned, you get the cool Shinkenger transformation-esque noise with cool roaring. There are two more sounds when you press the button. A sword charging sound, and a sword attack sound. Hold the button down to get the Shinkenger beat followed by roaring lasers, swords, and explosions. **** be dead yo. Overall, this mode looks really cool. The ports are all filled in, he has new epic legs, and a helmet that reeks of awesome. The five kanji stickers placed on the pieces are a nice throwback, and are the only thing really completing the Shinkenger feel of things. On the flipside, the lion being in the middle, as well as the large antler like head crest, heavily reminds me of Gao King, so I feel like ShinkenGokaioh doubles as both Shinkenoh and Gao King tributes. I really do like it.

Overall, Gao Lion is simply the best Gokai Machine yet, and probably will reign supreme until something bigger and better comes out. Fuuraimaru, you have a battle on your hands! Between the standalone Gao Lion, GaoGokaioh, and ShinkenGokaioh, there is a ton of play value. If you don't have Gokaioh, if you're a fan of Gaoranger, I can still recommend this as a standalone toy, just because he looks so epic. Highly recommended to fans of Gokaiger and Gaoranger alike. Awesome toy.


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