Gaming Under the Stairs- R.T.F.M (Read the F'n Manual)


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Channel: Video Masters TV

#animation #retrogaming #kids

Gaming Under the Stairs is an animated series focusing on two young friends and their experiences playing their first Video Game Console in the 1980's.

Initially, the concept was these kids would play well known games (the Super Mario's, the Zelda's, etc) and it would be more of a review show. It wasn't until my cousin Jason (jokingly) suggested that I animate game footage instead. So the games and game console you'll see are completely made up, but you'll notice little nods to classic games many of us grew up on.

This is my first attempt at an animated series. I did not do this to get fortune and glory. I wanted to be able to look back one day and said that I did this.

That said, hope you enjoy. If not, thanks for watching anyways. Later

Video length: 5:48
Category: Film & Animation

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