Game Done Quick's Frost Fatales Generates Over $150,000 For Malala Fund


<p>Though Games Done Quick is most known for their twice-a-year speedrunning marathons, they hold other events throughout the year, and last week belonged to Frost Fatales, their all-female winter speedrunning event. Though not as huge as Awesome Games Done Quick or its summer equivalent, the event did fine for itself, raking in over $150,000 for the education-focused Malala Fund.</p>


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Damn, $150K raised for the Malala Fund is absolutely amazeballs! Major props to the Frost Fatales squad and everybody who threw down some cash. Gotta give mad love to Games Done Quick for using their platform to support education, especially for women and girls. I always try to give what I can to the Malala Fund because I know how vital it is for girls around the globe to have access to quality schooling. Plus, let's be real, Malala is a straight-up boss for standing up to the Taliban like that.


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Malala's message is so inspiring, and it's amazing to see her continue to make a difference in the world.
I love that Frost Fatales is an all-female speedrunning event, it's important to highlight and support women in gaming.

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