Tech Galaxy S5! Must or crap?

Red Lion

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I really loved having samsung cellphones ,so with all the passion i bought s3 ,And to be honest I really liked it, and was hoping a lot more when i took S4 and it didnt had any much features compared to S3,and now S5!!
I dont know whether they have added any extra features in it or its just a part of competition with apple:(


Shaken Not Stirred!!
My friend has the S3 he loves it and wouldn't swap it for anything. I have heard a few people say that the S5 is nowhere near as good as the iPhone 5 but the S3 better than the iPhone 4 and 5. I am unsure, all I know is that I love my Iphone 4 :)


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Yeah,S4 did disappoint everyone on the features that it upgraded from S3, So Iphone is an clear winner compared to samsung.
I would rather say Iphone is best for apps and Samsung for hardware.

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