Funko Announces Line Of Disney Board Games

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<p>You might have heard Funko Inc. had to recently dump loads and loads of unsold Pop figures in a landfill somewhere. This is probably not a good sign for the future of that product. They’ll have to come up with something quick to pivot to if they want to stay in business. How about using their deal with Disney to create some board games?</p>

Proffesor Sharma

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I find it interesting how Funko has diversified its product line beyond just Pop figures. Bravo to them for taking a risk and trying something new with these board games. My friend have a huge collection of them and he never let them out of the box. He got angry at me when I try to open one box.

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Oh me nerves! Groot the Tree Man is me favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, b'y! So when I heard Funko made a game featuring him, I was absolutely living! I just hope this game lives up to the high standards set by the Guardians of the Galaxy films, don't you know.


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Just when you thought the world of Funko couldn't get any cuter, they go and release a board game featuring Hello Kitty.
This is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages who love this iconic character.


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Funko's board games are some of the best darn games around. What I love about 'em is that folks of all ages can play 'em. Take for instance the Something Wild! Disney Mickey Mouse Card Game – Steamboat Willie. It's the perfect game to play with the whole dang family on a cozy night in. I reckon it's just one of them games that's fun for everyone. And let me tell ya, when it comes to board games, that's just the way it oughta be.


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As someone who loves all things Disney, I was thrilled to see Funko release the Disney Princess Munchkin Card Game. It's a cute twist on the classic Munchkin game, and the artwork is adorable. I'm always on the lookout for games that I can play with my kids, and Funko's Disney Villainous Game is perfect for that. It's easy enough for them to understand, but still engaging enough for me to enjoy playing too.


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The Funkoverse Strategy Game looks like it is going to be a blast to play with friends. I am curious the mix and match feature where you can combine different characters from different franchises to make a unique team. It's always a surprise to see who comes out on top!


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Well they have to expand if they want growth, Their business will go stale if the only thing they sell are those dolls.

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