Funimation Schedules Summer Preview Fan Event For June 18

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Jun 20, 2012
Funimation is the leading distributor of anime in America, and they offer a wide variety of today’s most popular titles as well as a lot of classics. What are they planning to reveal next? There will soon be an event where we can find out. The Summer Season Preview Event has been announced for this June.
It’s a livestream produced in partnership with XBox, but you don’t need to own a Microsoft console to watch. Anime expert and self-admitted fangirl Lauren Moore will be hosting the stream. Funi isn’t giving any hints as to what they plan to reveal during this event, but they’re promising “surprise guests, never-before-seen clips, exclusive first looks, and an announcement that would even take All Might by surprise.” Which form? That makes a difference here.
“We’re celebrating this anime seasonal lineup with a preview event to connect and serve more fans around the world,” says Colin Decker, CEO of Funimation Global Group. “Our virtual events enable everyone to belong to the global...

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