Funimation Lands Robotech: Landmark Dub Returns This Fall

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Apr 7, 2012
Many, many years ago, before “anime” was ever a word, American audiences first got hooked on Japanese storytelling through a syndicated series Harmony Gold had named “Robotech.” Their creation was a splice-up of three different yet similar mecha shows, dubbed in English and sold as one continuing narrative. But continuing narratives were very rare in American animation at the time, as well as plots with real stakes. Robotech had those things all to itself, and it blew away a generation of 80s nerds.
As one of the firecrackers responsible for setting off the anime market in the US, Roboetch’s importance can’t be understated….which is why it’s kind of a pain Harmony Gold has made the dub so hard to reissue for so many years. But the drought is finally coming to an end…the legal mess has been resolved, and Robotech is about to be re-released in today’s most popular formats.
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