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Pride Month seems to get bigger and louder every year, but the LGBTQ community doesn’t just stop existing for the other eleven months. Though a lot of companies are debuting their pride-friendly products within the span of June, Funimation will be releasing the gay anime romance The Stranger By The Shore next month, on July 9.
Based on the manga of the same name, The Stranger By The Shore tells the tale of Shun Hashimoto, an aspiring novelist, and Mio Chibana, a young man who’s just suffered a loss. They’re both going through a lot when they meet, and they soon form a bond of support that only grows stronger with each passing day. But as feelings of fear, self-doubt, and family acceptance start creeping in, can their relationship survive?
The movie’s English voice cast includes Josh Grelle as Shun, Justin Briner as Mio, Morgan Laure as Eri, Bryn Apprill as Suzu, Amber Lee Connors as Sakurako, and Jessica Cavanagh as Auntie, The supporting cast includes Steph Garrett as a younger...

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