Fullmetal Alchemist: The Toku!

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...yeah, sure, why not?

Anywho! Basically, after the final episode of the second Fullmetal Alchemist series aired, there was a movie announcement. People assumed there was going to be an animated movie, but now there are rumors flying all over place, with apparently a direct confirmation from a staff member at a French anime con, that the movie is going to be a live action toku flick, with one report just saying all they're waiting for is a press announcement. So, thoughts?

Personally, I think with a movie having the budget of the recent Yamato movie (which I know, is insanely high for Japanese standards), or somewhere close, this could be a pretty awesome idea. The whole thing I think people would be bothered with is the fact that a lot of the characters are based on Europeans, buuuut I think a decent cast might get rid of those complaints.

At this point it's still a rumor, the live action bit, that is, but I thought it deserved a thread.


FMA live-action continuation? Would love to see that since the ending to the manga was pretty much open-ended since they still
travelled the world right after...
i never have seen any FMA but i always thought it was about a fictionalized european mythology...

So now im confuse, is it a Japanese world in european setting or whatever?

I checked some of the actors that was mentiont... i wonder if that was a joke?


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Well we kinda had something like that, when Vic did that fullmetal fantasy fan film years ago.


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In terms of media, a live-action FMA on a high budget might actually be a version that finally captures what makes the manga a very special series. Both of the anime have been decent watches that managed to miss the point in one way or another.

I wonder about plot, though. Death Note translated really well to live-action because the manga was way too long, given its premise, to begin with. Shortening the material tightened the plot tremendously and let them focus on the strongest aspects of the material.

A lot of FMA's appeal is a long, complicated plot full of political maneuvering and an extremely deliberate blend of characterization, action, and humor. Really layered stories like this tend to be difficult to adapt well into other media, especially media with constricted runtime.

You could opt to do just one particular plot arc or run a big chunk of the manga on fast-forward, but I wonder if at this point just making up a mostly-different but thematically or loosely related plot might work better.


Also in live-action, none of the characters could ever super-deform or face-fault in a completely inappropriate manner.


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Yeah, those moments are cute in the manga and basically stupid-looking in the anime. They frequently use them when I'd much rather see them draw an actual expression on the characters.

(They also use them a bit more heavily than the manga, which is kinda baffling.)


Always felt the FMA:B as faithful as it was to the manga was a bit lenient on a lot of details due to the reliance in the 1st anime version. They didn't expound too much on the importance of Hughes and even the girl turned chimera.

Plus the finale battle was so epic in the manga, even the simple hand-block of the "Father" to Ed's kick felt it wasn't that big of a deal in the anime.


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If they are planning to make an FMA live-action, then how will they adapt it? I mean, look at Death Note, what they did is they cut the movie series in three parts with the last film a L fan service.


If they are planning to make an FMA live-action, then how will they adapt it? I mean, look at Death Note, what they did is they cut the movie series in three parts with the last film a L fan service.

Better than what they did for Airbender.


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First it was Mario.

Mario = too realstic.
Street Fighter = Too much Guile, Ryu and Ken was on the sidelines.
Speed Racer = Even it is made by fanboys, I didn't feel the "Tatsunoko Spirit", plus, it is too colorful, IMO.
Dragonball = Goku is in high school, Chi Chi in some terms, felt like a... nevermind (Saw her pics on Maxim :p), the only redeeming factor? Roshi. Chow Yun Fat, FTW!

Planning to watch Astroboy for the lulz. :rofl: