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Crunchyroll has announced the Western arrival of Fruits Basket -prelude-, which originally released in Japan last February.
As one of the most famous shoujo manga of all time, Fruits Basket needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway: it’s the story of Tohru Honda, a high schooler who stays with the cursed Soma family. Its members involuntarily change into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when embraced. This makes romantic relationships rather hard, but Tohru finds a way. Fruits Basket has been adapted twice as an anime, the most recent version having been released in 2019. Fruits Basket -prelude- is meant to wrap that version up.
What’s left if the anime covered Tohru’s story already? Simple…they’ll go back in time and make a prequel about her parents. It’s the Supernatural Strategy!
Before there was Tohru and Kyo – there was Katsuya and Kyoko. Discover the turbulent beginning of Tohru’s mom’s dark past, and the man who breathed new hope into her. Watch the evolution of their love...

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This Anime made me comfortable because they are hinting a lot of romantic feelings between Cousins. Cousin kissing is never my thing.

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I watch this Anime as a little girl but it got canceled. I didn't know there is a reboot! Its I hope it continues where the Anime left off.


What does the Fox say?
You're right that Fruits Basket needs no introduction because my daughters are loyal fans. So now it's coming stateside? I'm sure they will be thrilled.