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The early days of August are for Steam Survival Fest, an event dedicated to games from the survival genre. And one such game is Frozen Flame, from Dreamside Interactive and Ravenage Games. The title hasn’t been released yet, but the studio has put together a demo for Survival Fest that can be downloaded now.
You’re in the fantasy world of Arcana, a dangerous place. Your sleepy little village is relatively safe, but take two steps outside and you’ll likely meet up with a hungry monster. Yet you must venture out anyway if you want the resources to survive — and besides, there are plenty of other things out there too….valuable things. Says Dreamside, “This journey often takes players off to floating islands – isolated locations harboring rare resources, relics of the old world, and mighty creatures placed there to protect it or simply nested there out of reach of those who have no means of traversing the void between the islands.”
Though a demo was previously available, this is a...

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Don't be Jealous of my Boogie
I'm getting invested in the game now. Some Games have a particular feel to Part. Let's wait and see what happens. Seeing people play this on YouTube is interesting because I've never heard of it. is a 2020 video game that was crowdfunded. The adversaries were considerably tougher and other players played against you in the early beta versions. Last year, I believe they improved the game overall and modified things. It feels to be much more tranquil now.