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BTAS or Batman the Animated series is one of the most groundbreaking cartoons during the 90s. It humanized the cape crusader like never before. The show also created Harley Quinn. She is the first DC character who is created for a cartoon first before making it to comic books and other media.That shows how much legacy this series left to a generation.
Bruce Timm, One of the creators of this pop culture gold is back with this movie. A hand drawn 2d animated film with tributes to the groovy decade known as 1970s. This Rated R, adult animated film will have influences from classic Kung-fu movies and action packed exploitation films. Do not watch this film with your kids unless they are over 18 years of age. It is going to have a lot of blood and gore filled action. It is not for little children at all,make them watch Lego:Batman instead.This motion picture is for the 90s kids who are now fully grown adults.
Batman: Soul of the Dragon...
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