Freakazoid Returns To TV In Special Teen Titans Go Episode

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Jun 20, 2012
The WB and Amblin’s Freakazoid, from the same team behind Animaniacs, was not a ratings success when it ran for two seasons on the brand-new Kids WB block. But after the reruns began running on Cartoon Network it started attracting a cult following that grew larger every year — but it wasn’t enough to produce new episodes.
Of course, lately WB and Amblin have been resurrecting their 90s hits with a new Animaniacs (coming to Hulu in just ten days) and a new Tiny Toons just announced for 2022. That’s got people wondering…why not Freakazoid as well? And we seemed to get a big hint that it might be possible. Late last year Paul Rugg, the voice of Freakazoid, made a cryptic post on social media where he stated that he just got to play a role “I never thought I’d get to play again.” He ended the post with “whooshes off,” referencing the way Freakazoid would pretend-fly around the city (as he couldn’t actually fly).
Those who noticed the post from Rugg had their hopes up that it meant a...

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