Fourze Driver etc.


Hey guys, so I decided to make this thread because my old thread is dead. And I want to start afresh, so I decided to make a new thread for these toys which I am hoping I can clear really quickly. All prices stated are in SGD and exc. shipping unless otherwise stated. Of course, all prices are open to nego.
*Pictures uploaded ~ :thumbs:
So here are the items for sale:


1. DX Fourze Driver Set. Complete with box, manuals, belts etc. Comes with the 4 DX Astro Switches (1-4), Clear Kuuga Switch, Switch Set 04 (Opened), Switch Set 05 (Unopened), LED Magichand Switch, Gasha Switch 22(Hammer), Gasha Switch 15 (Spike), Gasha Switch 18 (Shield), and Gasha Switch 14 (Smoke).
Looking to get around S$110 for this set. - SOLD


2. Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Phone. MISB, Complete. Looking to get S$30 shipped for this.


3. My local department store is having a sale and they're selling Dengashers for cheap. So anyone who would like a MISB DX Dengasher for cheap price. do tell me. If you want one, just pm me or leave a message. I'll go to the store and get a dengasher then ship it to you.
S$40 shipped each.

That's all for now. Pics will be up upon request, if not it will be up in a few days by default. Busy with examinations and stuff.
Thanks for looking ! :)
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Just a warning to all, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!!!

I purchased the Fourze Driver, Den-Gasher and several Switches from this guy. He ships from singapore with no shipping box. All he does is wrap the toys in paper and slaps stamps on it. I got the Driver and DenGasher boxes completely destroyed and the Driver didn't work!

To top it off, he blew it off as my problem and when I opened a Paypal dispute, I was told I was screwed because I'd have to ship it back to him costing me $70 on a $150 transaction. The shipping would not be refunded so I'd have to pay $70 to get my money back....

He later offered a $60 partial refund to keep the items but then changed his mind and refused to do anything at all!

Avoid this scumbag at all costs!!!


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good to know. i hate it when sellers ship the items without a box. they just wrap paper over the item and send. wtf? is it really that hard to find boxes to use to ship items?


The problem here is not about shipping without a box anymore. The thing is that this perpetrator is a scamming members in HJU and is still allowed to be lurking around here!...... It's the likes of these people who gives us seller/dealer a bad name.

Thanks for giving the heads up wolfknight.
I think shipping without a box depend on the condition of the toys.
I will shipped small non-electronic stuff like ranger keys in paper envelope.
If small cheap electronics that are just bubble wrap is enough, I will use the bubble envelope.
But never w/o a box for such big items. And with just paper? That is so wrong for electronics. I understand that he wanna cut shipping cost but wrong way. This only make 2 good toys to be wasted for nothing, and earn a bad reputation. Not to mention to make it worst trying to pull it off as if it is not the sellers fault and not keeping his own words.


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Considering the Fourze Driver comes W/ 2 x-tra switches I'm wondering what condition the in-package switches are in. PM me w/ pricing info since I just want the switches. Mabye, I'll buy the Driver later if available if we can haggle on the price?